Mara Venier, the costume photo from 10 years ago enchants Instagram

1 September 2020 Mara Venier shares on her Instagram profile a photo of 10 years ago that portrays her hand in hand Nicola Carraro and thrills his followers. To tell the truth, Carraro is the first to always publish on social media amarcord shooting. The couple, who decided to get married for the second time … Read more

“She’s obsessed, she wakes me up at 6 to do it” – Libero Quotidiano

Mara Venier, this time the husband speaks. Nicola Carraro, an interview granted to Nuovo, told all the details of his relationship with the host of Domenica In. “When I saw her, I remembered that years before Jerry CalĂ  he told me he knew how to cook pasta and beans well – the film producer began … Read more