Watch.. Haya Maraachli in a very daring seductive look.. the rudest appearance ever.

You are now following the news of Haya Maraachli in a very daring seduction look… the rudest appearance ever. And now with the details Riyadh – Ruwayda bin Abbas – Thursday, September 22, 2022 05:06 pm | Follow Favorite A number of fans of the young Syrian artist, Haya Maraachli, circulated bold seduction pictures of … Read more

Haya Maraachli is pursuing a new profession away from acting

The actress revealedCome on Marashali​She is in the process of preparing to launch a new special project outside the field of acting related to the makeup aspect. During her appearance in a live broadcast video on her page, Haya Maraachli said: “Soon I will see making videos related to the makeup application, and we will … Read more

An old picture of Haya Maraachli before she lost her extra weight, causing a stir on the communication sites!

Social media pioneers shared an old photo of the actressCome on MarashaliThrough their social media pages. Haya appeared with a picture comparing her form before and after, and her appearance seemed scandalous, as the picture sparked a great controversy between the pioneers of the communication sites and the followers of Maraachli, especially those who expressed … Read more

Come on Maraachli with a picture in swimsuits.. and the audience is interacting!

The Syrian actress postedCome on MarashaliA rare photo of her from her childhood on a beach, through her personal account on the social networking site. Haya appeared playing on the sand, in a pink swimsuit, and the audience interacted greatly with the picture, expressing their admiration for its apparent softness and innocence at the time. … Read more