More investment in education required

GIESSEN – The Working Group of Social Democratic Women UB Gießen (ASF) dealt with the situation of childcare in day-care centers and schools in its last board meeting. Although the number of places has increased in recent years, many places are still lacking in town and country, writes the ASF in a press release. Early … Read more

Lio high school graduates donate to aid campaign

GIESSEN – The high school graduates of the Liebigschule had saved almost 2,000 euros for a graduation ceremony in the past two years. However, due to the corona pandemic, the celebration didn’t work out, so the members of the specially formed committee asked themselves: What do we do with the money we have saved? It … Read more

The CDU’s closed conference focuses on choice

LINDEN – (red). At a two-day closed-door meeting of the Linden CDU parliamentary group in Bad Laasphe, the parliamentary group dealt with the local elections on March 14, 2021. Priority was given to the budget with the unclear situation regarding the pandemic. It is of considerable importance for the CDU parliamentary group that investments continue … Read more

Marburg, Germany cancer drug can Corona help patients

The cancer physician, Professor Andreas Neubauer and his colleagues report on their success of treatment in the journal “Leukemia”. The Federal Institute for drugs and medical devices approved a clinical study in which the scientists ‘ failure of the scientists to the use of Ruxolitinib against Covid-19-associated lung want to investigate. Even if the rampant … Read more