“With the dollar at $ 190?”: Marcela Tauro again in the eye of the storm Look what happened to her!

Since you gave up Intruders, the cycle where he worked with media figures such as Luis Ventura, Adrián Pallares, Guido Záffora and Jorge Rial, Marcela tauro can’t get out of the eye of the storm. So this time it was not otherwise. The current panelist from Fantino in the afternoon received a strong message on … Read more

Marcela Cubillos reacts to statements by Heraldo Muñoz about President Piñera

The former Minister of Education, Marcela cubillos, reacted to statements made yesterday by President of the PPD, Heraldo Muñoz, who requested that the President of the Republic, Sebastián Piñera, not deliver a speech this October 18, one year after the so-called Social Outbreak. It should be remembered that Muñoz indicated that “I believe that the … Read more

Fame: Marcela Posada, Betty’s remembered ‘Giraffe’, the ugly one has more than 10

Updated 09/04/2020 at 9:00 PM 21 years ago it was released “I am Betty the Ugly one” and despite time, it remains one of the most watched telenovelas thanks to the fact that it was re-released on Netflix. This caused various Latin American channels to thrill their viewers again with this original production by Fernando … Read more

“I can’t take it anymore, Ale. It’s exhausting”: Marcela Tauro was honest in front of Fantino! Worrying moment!

This Monday in the program Alejandro Fantino, very strong information was given about what is happening in Boca Juniors, and that led to the testimony of one of the panelists, Marcela tauro, which is once again isolated. «There are 20 suspected cases of coronavirus in Boca. It is not really known what happened. It is … Read more

Luis Miguel’s cousin claims to have found the singer’s mother: “For me it’s Marcela”

The mysterious family life of Luis Miguel live a new episode in its history related to disappearance of his mother, Marcela Basteri. The speculation began after he made sure that the woman, Luisito Rey’s wife, is not dead and that would be in Argentina, where was found on the street and currently lives in a … Read more

Marcela Tauro, before Rial’s sentence stating that she would like him to return to Intruders: “I don’t miss”

Finally, two months after the scandalous resignation of Marcela Tauro of Intruders (America), Jorge Rial he remembered it and spoke of the step to the side that his colleague took. After I said that it’s “a great mine”, the panelist chatted on the program of which she is now a part, Fantino in the afternoon, … Read more

Marcela Coronel asked to go on the air in Bendita and Beto Casella lowered his thumb: “It is not in the routine”

A new chapter added to the scandal that generated the strong crossing of Marcela Coronel with Denise Dumas in Must see and that ended with the resignation of the journalist from the program that airs every afternoon for The nine. Now. who surprised with his posture was Beto Casella. It all started when Denise told … Read more

Marcela Coronel resigned from “Must See” after her heated discussion with Denise Dumas

Days ago, there was a heated discussion on the air between Denise Dumas and Marcela Coronel in Must see (The nine, at 15) linked to the mandatory quarantine for him coronavirus. The host explained that there are many families who suffer isolation due to not having an economic income, while the panelist defended, with a … Read more

Marcela Reyes says she feels rejected for having a coronavirus

The DJ Marcela Reyes Through his social networks, he rejected the treatment they have given him in his residential unit, after the news that he has COVID-19. Reyes confirmed to his followers last weekend that he tested positive for coronavirus and she has been quarantined with her little son and his nanny. The DJ assured … Read more