Polino gave more information about the alleged marriage of Luciana Salazar: “They proposed it to him in a supermarket”

This week, Marcelo polino revealed in front of Luciana Salazar in Controversy at the Bar that the star received a marriage proposal, and that the wedding would take place next year. In that episode, the mother of Matilda was scandalized by the infidence and threatened to leave the cycle, to the surprise of the cast. … Read more

The radical change of ShowMatch on his back in full pandemic: it “Starts with the comedians of historic

The coronavirus came to change everything and the programs had to be transformed. Delayed from a few months ago ShowMatch still waiting to debut with its season 2020 and in Confronted confirmed that the return will be with the sense of humor. Marcelo Polino, who was taking a mobile with the program, the conference endorsed … Read more