MARKET POINT – Caution expected in Europe, doubts about the recovery in the US

* Décision inattendue de Mnuchin sur un programme de prêts de la Fed * Les indices européens attendus sans grand changement * Les futures US dans le rouge après une clôture positive par Blandine Henault PARIS, 20 novembre (Reuters) – Les principales Bourses européennes devraient ouvrir sur une note stable vendredi, la prudence l’emportant face … Read more

They arrest a lawyer who provided legal assistance to detainees in marches

The National Coordinator of Human Rights (CNDDHH) denounced that the lawyer Carlos Rodríguez he was arbitrarily detained by agents of the National Police at the Alfonso Ugarte police station. Rodríguez had gone to the police station to legally assist the young people who were detained for participating in the marches against the presidential vacancy, since … Read more

The protocol for marches and demonstrations is ready – Government – Politics

By resolution, the National Government, through the Ministry of the Interior, issued the protocol that, in the short term, includes the most urgent measures that guarantee the right of citizens to demonstrate publicly. This, after the Administrative Court of Cundinamarca, when failing a guardianship, decreed as a provisional measure for the National Government to set … Read more

Without agreement with the Government, indigenous minga marches to Bogotá

Courtesy MinInterior The meeting held by leaders of the indigenous minga and various officials of the National Government in the city of Cali, It ended with the indigenous people getting up from the table and announcing that this Wednesday they will march towards Bogotá. “If the government is thinking that we are going to return … Read more

High school students lead marches against the government of Sebastián Piñera

Cacerolazos, marches and also clashes with Carabineros marked the day of commemoration of the two years of the second term of President Sebastián Piñera throughout the country, which coincided with the 30 years of the return to democracy, after the assumption of Patricio Aylwin, with what that ended 17 years of dictatorship in Chile. High … Read more

Coronavirus cases rise in Bogotá due to marches: Claudia López

In the newsletter of Ministry of Health This Tuesday, October 6, the capital reported 2,409 new infections, confirming the rise in recent days. Last Monday, for example, it had 2,011. Daily, Bogota leads the report of new coronavirus patients in Colombia and that trend has been maintained so far in October, as follows: – October … Read more

They seize manual with instructions for infiltrators in marches – Investigative Unit

One of the noted Vandal leaders, captured by the Attorney General and the Dijin last week, had among his belongings a complete instructions to prepare young people who recruited in universities or depressed areas to infiltrate social protests. A kind of manual detailed how to access young men and women in popular neighborhoods and how … Read more

March 21st, balance sheets of the day of protests – Bogotá

The Secretary of Security of Bogotá, Hugo Acero, said that the balance of the marches on September 21 is positive. The official highlighted the behavior of the mobilizations, which were mostly peaceful. (Also: Vandals damaged and robbed restaurant that was going to open its doors) “It is a satisfactory balance, it was a march called … Read more

Follow the minute by minute of the marches that are ahead this September 21

This Monday a national day of protests and marches is held called by the National Strike Committee, mainly by workers’ centrals, Fecode, student groups and social organizations to demonstrate for the right to life, against police abuse and the death of social leaders, among other issues. .

What are the reasons for the marches that will be held this Monday throughout the country

Photo credit: Special for (EFE) .- Social and union movements marches in the streets resume this Monday. This to protest against police brutality and claim for the murder of social leaders. In addition to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. In Bogotá, according to trade unions and other organizations, at least eight activities … Read more