“The farmer is looking for a wife” 8: Marek did not accept Ela in his house! Fans: “A really mysterious guy”

Elżbieta and Marek’s date in “The farmer is looking for a wife” was really romantic, but Internet users criticize the farmer candidate for the idea with a wedding ring. Why did the man invite the farmer to his friend’s house? Elżbieta and Marek in the last episode of “The farmer is looking for a wife” … Read more

Tightening abortion laws? Clear declaration of Marek Suski

The tragic circumstances of the death of young mother Izabela S. shocked public opinion in Poland and caused a wave of protests to sweep through the country. Her death is linked to the judgment of the Constitutional Tribunal of October 22, last year, limiting the possibility of performing an abortion. Additional indignation of opponents of … Read more

CNB Vice Governor Marek Mora: We had to raise interest rates, inflation will rise

The CNB raised its key interest rate to 1.5 percent due to rising prices. Finance chief Schillerová and Prime Minister Babiš (both YES) criticized the sharp increase of 0.75 percentage points for insensitive prices of people and companies at a time when economic growth is fragile… For me, this whole thing has two levels. One … Read more

Decision regarding Maciej Szczęsny. Marek Szkolnikowski from TVP Sport translates

Maciej Szczęsny recently worked as an expert on TVP Sport The former goalkeeper was detained for a routine police check. The breathalyzer test showed 0.6 per mille TVP Sport director Marek Szkolnikowski tells us about how Szczęsny’s situation at the station will change More such stories can be found on the main page of Onet.pl … Read more

Marek reveals about the renewed Žalgiris system: “We have changed the rules of defense” / News

Kaunas “Žalgiris” starts the Euroleague fights on Friday and will fly to Vilerban tonight, where it will meet with the ASVEL club. Before the start, the tall people of Kaunas were interviewed at the Old Continental Championships Marekas Blaževičius stated that there are no problems within the team. “The atmosphere in the team is really … Read more

A young LKL reporter boldly asked Schiller: Will Marek play more next season?

During the media day in Kaunas, Aistis talked to the basketball players of “Žalgiris” and together with them he learned to move on the basketball court. – Will Marek play more next season? – Aistis asked Martin Schiler boldly. You will see what the Kaunas coach answered and how he managed to communicate with other … Read more

Zapad-2021. Poland’s war with Russia in the script by Marek Świerczyński from Polityka Insight

The Zapad-2021 maneuvers have been taking place right on the border with Poland since Thursday. Tens of thousands of Russian soldiers supported, among others, by through Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Mongolia are preparing for a potential war. Speech is up to 200 thousand. soldiers participating in the exercises. Diplomatic relations between Warsaw and Moscow … Read more

Marek Dvořák from the Asahi holding company and Juraj Bóna from T-Mobile join the Alza management

Management Alza.cz from August he will fill the position of marketing director Marek Dvorak, which is moving to the e-shop from the Japanese brewing holding Asahi. Alza also comes to Alza’s top management Juraj Bóna, which previously worked at T-Mobile Czech Republic and Slovak Telekom. Bóna will fill the position of Alza’s Director for Companies. … Read more

Rises for deputies and senators. How much will they earn. Marek Borowski’s comment

The increases do not apply only to deputies and senators. More salaries will also be given to e.g. prime minister, marshals of the Sejm and Senate, members of the government and undersecretaries of state Under the new regulations, parliamentarians will receive a salary (salary) of approx. PLN gross (currently they are over 8,000). Parliamentarians also … Read more

The late Actor Vladimír Marek († 69): A rough fate full of hardship!

His departure is another blow to the theatrical, puppetry, musical and film worlds. Especially since Vladimir Marek he died completely lonely. His body was discovered by the police on Thursday evening without any signs of life in his apartment in Vinohrady, Prague, from which he had not been leaving in recent years due to a … Read more