Marek Ztracený invited Karel Roden to a new clip. His conclusion is rough

The song When Life Kicks You in the Ass opens the album and is one of the most popular shows on it. It presents Marek Ztracený in his prolific authorial position, which consists of a catchy melody and a text addressing his fans. Martin Linhart from 68 pictures directed the clip. “When life kicks you … Read more

Marek Brodský’s Confession: A Zero Relationship with Sister Teresa

“We all live differently, we have no common friends or interests, but there is definitely something between us. Sometimes we call, we try not to forget each other’s birthdays and we go for coffee once a year, “he confides in an interview for Glanc magazine Brodsky, who last saw his sister last July at the … Read more

Bezrealitky change owners, the original owners were bought by Marek Rosenbaum. This year, they want to exceed sales of 50 million

Hendrik Meyer, CEO Photo: Unrealities The domestic portal Bezrealitky, focusing on the direct sale and rental of real estate without an intermediary, changes owners together with its Slovak sister. Marek Rosenbaum buys it for an undisclosed amount; according to an estimate by the CzechCrunch editorial office, the amount of the transaction was at the … Read more

The results of Škoda Auto are scary, says economist Marek

The damage has settled into a long line of large companies that reported a massive decline in half-yearly economic results. What does this mean for the carmaker? Fortunately, it is large enough to handle such a short-term – albeit significant – outage. Overall, however, this illustrates the situation in the Czech manufacturing industry during the … Read more

Local governments with resolutions on “LGBT-free zones” without European subsidies. Comment by Marek Grela and Michał Wawrykiewicz

The European treaty “speaks of human dignity, non-discrimination, tolerance, pluralism”, without respecting these values ​​common space and EU funds cannot function – said Michał Wawrykiewicz at the initiative of Free Courts in “Faktach po Faktach”. Former deputy foreign minister Marek Grela assessed that “in contemporary, democratic Europe” no resolutions are adopted that “target aversion to … Read more

Marian Turski wrote to Marek Zuckerberg. He warned of the “deadly danger to democracy”

I appeal to you that you – not against democracy, but for the sake of democracy – prevent the appearance of entries on Facebook that deny that the Holocaust happened – wrote Marian Turski in a letter addressed to Marek Zuckerberg, the head of the largest social networking site in the world. “Holocaust denial is … Read more

Box. Paweł Stępień defeated Marek Matyja in the fight for the professional Polish championship

In the fight of the evening of the Knockout Boxing Night 11 gala in Augustów, Paweł Stępień defeated Marek Matyja with multiple points. The duel was very even, but two of the three judges indicated the victory of Stępień, who became the new Polish light heavyweight champion. Video The video player requires JavaScript to run … Read more

The Three-Way Affair. Kuba Strzyczkowski wanted to apologize to Marek Niedźwiecki. The board refused to publish

Kuba Strzyczkowski posted a statement on Facebook Radio Three, in which he informs that the board of Polish Radio refused to publish his apology The new radio director informed the Program Office and Board about this program. Currently waiting for decision Marek Niedźwiecki left the Radio Three after the station’s authorities canceled 1998. listing of … Read more