Marga Prohens: “It will happen to Armengol like Ábalos with the ‘Delcy case'”

CARMEN MORALES PUISEGUR @moralespuisegur Palma Saturday, October 24, 2020 – 2:24 PM The Balearic deputy for the PP will ask the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, about the ‘Hat Bar case’ in Congress. He considers it “serious” that the Minister Gómez declares that “everyone has the right in their free time to do what seems … Read more

Britt Dekker and Marga Bult publicly drop Akwasi

“Yes, my teacher called me an unruly lazy pig haha! Do I have to cry now? This man …”, the presenter writes on Twitter, citing the article about Akwasi. Singer Marga Bult also doesn’t like Akwasi’s message. “And they called me spindle bone with rabbit teeth! Grow up man, it only makes you stronger. “ … Read more

Jasa Marga Prints Rp. 105.7 Billion Profits. Page all

JAKARTA, – The performance of PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk was quite positive during the first semester of 2010. Jasa Marga Investor Relations Department Head Pramitha Wulanjani said, pandemic Covid-19 influence the business and increase interest expense as it operates Highway new. However, the company’s net profit in the first half of 2020 was … Read more

Jasa Marga Will Develop Areas Around Built Toll Roads

JAKARTA, – PT Jasamarga Related Business (JMRB) will expand its business, one of which is Toll Corridor Development (TCD) or corridor development Highway. This is in line with the increasing number of sections Street toll newly built by PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk. Therefore, PT JMRB see business opportunities for developing areas around toll … Read more

Corona nurse Marga Bult: ‘No reason to panic’

To give people some rest, Marga dived into the corona figures of the RIVM. She shares those figures on her Twitter. So until August 1, 439 people were tested ‘positive’. Hospital admissions today 5 people. At the IC 2 persons and 1 deceased person. Certainly no panic figures so far, despite various demonstrations, meetings, etc. … Read more