Doña Margarita lived with the beekeeper, who killed her grandmother and put her parents to death

A friend of her mother saves them from hunger and misery At the age of 18, he managed a homestead and became the economic director of the family newspaper The wife of King Simeon II – Margarita Gomez Acebo, who turned 88 on January 6, had a dramatic childhood. When she was only one year … Read more

In Russia, the income of propagandist Margarita Simonian was made public

A regular participant in propaganda shows and the head of the Kremlin-controlled RT TV, she receives her income from two sources – the news agency “Rossija Segodnia” and the TV network RT. According to the “Možem objesnit” telegram channel, both official earnings are actually identical and their total amount is over 3 million. rubles. During … Read more

Zulemita Menem with D’Onofrio, Pampita and the presence of Macri

Different personalities attended the solidarity gala that is held to raise funds for the Los Piletones dining room. Under the motto “Help us to continue helping”, this Monday night a in the red room The Rural the annual benefit dinner for the Margarita Barrientos Foundationwhich was born from the dining room The Piletonswhere 2,700 people … Read more

Margarita Rosa de Francisco responds to attacks; she says she prefers her brain

Margarita Rosa de Francisco is one of the most active women on social networks, especially on Twitter, where she often openly leaves her opinions on different topics. The actress, writer and presenter has also stood out for her sincerity when expressing her feelings. So much so that many of her messages have become controversial. Among … Read more

Michel Brown and Margarita Muñoz reveal why they do not have children

Michel Brown and Margarita Muñoz met when he was 28 years old and she was 17, and although there was love at first sight between them, at that time nothing happened because they both had a partner. Nevertheless, 7 years later they found themselves single again and decided to give themselves a chance. (See also: … Read more

Maduro’s government announces that in January a cruise ship from Europe will arrive in Margarita

Presidential Press On January 3, 2023, Venezuela will receive the first cruise from Europe in 15 years, Tourism Minister Ali Padrón reported Thursday, indicating that it is a German ship that will depart from Spain and arrive at the island of Margarita. “January 3 is the arrival of the first cruise ship from Europe in … Read more

the daughter of Margarita Terekhova showed the world a seriously ill mother

August 22, 2022 1:30 p.m The actress suffers from Alzheimer’s disease. Anna Terekhova, daughter of Margarita Terekhova, showed a photo of her seriously ill mother. At the end of August, the Soviet actress turns 80 years old. The star of the Belarusian Station has been suffering from Alzheimer’s for many years. Terekhova last appeared in … Read more

“Running into the Darkness” – for the anniversary of Margarita Terekhova – Snob

Runaway Margarita Terekhova. Unbuttoned coat, autumn abyss underfoot. What despair in this proud back, in this run in an unknown direction! However, why unknown? Those who remember Andrei Tarkovsky’s great film “Mirror” know that at that moment Terekhova’s heroine runs not on a date, but to the printing house, where the sentence has already been … Read more

The daughter of actress Margarita Terekhova showed her seriously ill mother for the first time in a long time

On her blog, Margarita’s daughter Anna posted a picture of her sick mother. In the photo, the artist is already aged, her face is wrinkled, but her charming smile is the same as in her youth. Terekhova’s son Aleksarndr is sure that if it were not for her diagnosis, his mother would spend all the … Read more