Hana Zagorová celebrates her birthday: Margita sends a touching message to the hospital!

Hana Zagorová certainly imagined her birthday differently, but due to the coronavirus infection, she is experiencing it in the hospital. Her husband Štefan Margita sent her a touching message there, which can be seen on social networks. On this year’s 74th birthday, which he is celebrating today, Hana Zagorová he just won’t forget. She became … Read more

Zagor’s sad birthday: She’s fighting in the hospital, Margita can’t go to her

This year’s birthday party of the popular Czech singer Hana Zagorová will probably not be completely according to her plan. He is in hospital with coronavirus. She was even bothered by high fevers, but fortunately they were gone. Hana Zagorová’s husband Štefan Margita spoke to his partner for the last time on Saturday afternoon. “Fortunately, … Read more

Hana Zagorová and Štefan Margita: They are both fighting the covid

“Hanka returned after two concerts, where two days later her fever rose to almost forty. Of course, tests showed that she was infected with covid, and due to those fevers that did not decrease even after a week, Hanka had to be hospitalized, “he described for Showtime on Prime Margita. Stefan Margita a Hana Zagorová: … Read more

Singer Zagorová is in hospital due to coronavirus. Margita also had a positive test

“We both passed positive tests for covid… Štefan is in home quarantine with a slight course and Hanka due to high temperatures in the hospital,” he says on the website. Today’s Blesk speculated about Zagorová’s health. He pointed out that the singer had to cancel the concert for health reasons and subsequently did not appear … Read more