Maria Pia Copello achieves number one on YouTube with the song Like with her daughter | video clip | Shows

Maria Pia Copello He surprised all his followers by making his debut as a singer with the launch of his song “Like” on YouTube on Friday, September 4. In less than a day, the former driver of This is war managed to position itself as number 1 on the trend list of YouTube even surpassing … Read more

Ojo Show: Because of COVID-19, Timoteo will no longer be able to “celebrate” his 25 years with

Updated 08/13/2020 at 08:45 The pandemic of coronavirus The Covid-19 prevented Timoteo “Celebrate” your 25 years with Karina rivera and Maria Pia Copello, as revealed by Ricardo Bonilla. It had been planned to have the participation of his former co-workers and they already had a signed contract with América Televisión, Bonilla told RPP. “I already … Read more