Maria Vania’s Clarification After Talking About Breast Surgery

Jakarta, Insertlive – Maria Vania’s name immediately became the public spotlight after appearing on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube video content. In the video, Vania was immediately asked about the shape of her breasts. Deddy was curious and asked if Vania did surgery on the breast or his face. “But you first, sorry I’m asking, you first, … Read more

Maria Vania Recalls a One-Room Sleep Chat with Deddy Corbuzier

Jakarta, Insertlive – Maria Vania recently appeared on Deddy Corbuzier’s YouTube channel. In the broadcast, Vania discussed many things with Deddy. However, one topic of concern was when Deddy reminiscing about the meeting moment with Vania. Even Deddy too claimed to have slept together Vania. “I was on a Yacht together, slept in one room, … Read more