Marian Calís: “There is a lot of life after breast cancer, nothing is the same as before”

These are the words of Marian Calís, from Elx, one of the five breast cancer survivors who have decided to go around the peninsula on a sailboat to make the fight against this disease visible, but above all to give a message of vitality. There is a lot of life after breast cancer. When you … Read more

LIVE: Prayers and inscriptions such as ‘Prague is not the Vatican’. Duka blessed the Marian column in the Old Town Square Home

Prague On Saturday, supporters and opponents of the Marian Column met in the Old Town Square, the imitation of which returned to the historical center of Prague after 102 years. Hundreds of people have been here since the morning, some in national costumes. Most took part in the prayer, others, under the supervision of the … Read more

Supporters and opponents of the Marian Column gathered in the Old Town Square

Proponents of the restoration consider the work to be a symbol and memory of the defenders of Prague during the Thirty Years’ War and an important Baroque work. Opponents of the return of the column say it is a symbol of Habsburg domination and intolerant re-Catholicization of the country. “It’s a good opportunity to hear … Read more

Marian Turski wrote to Marek Zuckerberg. He warned of the “deadly danger to democracy”

I appeal to you that you – not against democracy, but for the sake of democracy – prevent the appearance of entries on Facebook that deny that the Holocaust happened – wrote Marian Turski in a letter addressed to Marek Zuckerberg, the head of the largest social networking site in the world. “Holocaust denial is … Read more

Fort Marian, or Banaś, is building a new order at the Supreme Audit Office (NIK) – Polityka – News from the country and the world – – Events and Facts

Our interlocutors say that it is definitely not a simple visit of the son to his father. In their opinion Jakub Banaś has a real impact on the functioning of the chamber, and above all on its personnel policy. He is acquainted with some of the high-ranking employees of the Supreme Audit Office who have … Read more