Viviana Canosa is charged with illegal practice of medicine – News

The journalist Viviana Canosa was charged by “illegal practice of medicine”, after taking chlorine dioxide in your program Nothing personal, which is issued by Canal 9. This was confirmed by his lawyer, Juan Manuel Dragani, who stressed that “she is bad and distraught”. / Embedded Code Home / / End Embed Code / The deputy … Read more

Viviana Canosa was charged with “illegal practice of medicine”

Juan Manuel Dragani, lawyer of Viviana Canosa, confirmed that the driver was charged with the crime of “illegal practice of medicine” after the complaint of the Neuquén deputy of the Front of All, Mariano mansilla. The deputy from Neuquén denounced Viviana Canosa for alleged “crime of quackery or illegal practice of medicine” after she drank … Read more