Marieke Lucas Rijneveld is the first Dutchman to win the International Booker Prize | Inland

“It is a great honor to receive the International Booker Prize 2020, I can only say that I am as proud as a cow with seven udders!” was the reaction of Marieke Lucas Rijneveld to the announcement by Booker jury chairman Ted Hodgkinson. The champagne corks popped at the Atlas Contact publishing house. “I am … Read more

Marieke Elsinga has a pressing question about empty cups in films

On her Instagram Stories, Marieke asks herself the following: “Why is there never anything in coffee cups in films?” Then she points out a scene Then What Is Love where Elise Schaap and Maarten Heijmans both walk with an empty coffee cup, according to Marieke. “I don’t understand why they don’t put water in it”, … Read more

Mattie Valk: Even on the toilet Marieke experiences all kinds of things | TV

Elsinga: „I have been allowed to mess things up here and have always been given new opportunities. And see where we are now. ” Ⓒ Qmusic Marieke Elsinga (34) is crazy about the idea that she has to do the same thing every day. As for Mattie Valk (35), he doesn’t stop with morning radio … Read more