Mário Centeno is on term in the Government – politics

Mário Centeno will continue to lead the Finance portfolio and his eventual departure will never occur before the approval of the supplementary Budget. This was the outcome of tonight’s meeting in São Bento, between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance, ascertained the Business. And, it was assured that Centeno will always leave the … Read more

“Unimaginable shock” in the economy raises deficit by 6 billion | Coronavirus

The Portuguese economy is “almost stopped” and “suffering an unimaginable shock”, said on Monday night the Minister of Finance, anticipating losses in the annual GDP of 6.5% for every 30 working days of contention in the activity similar to current budgetary impact of between € 6 billion and € 7 billion. In an interview with … Read more

Eurogroup. Agreement Europe releases 500 billion for aid

The agreement was reached on the sidelines of the meeting, during several hours of negotiations led by the Portuguese Mário Centeno. An approximation of some last-minute details has allowed concerted positions for ministers to announce a “bold and ambitious plan to protect our economies in response to this common threat”, as Centeno intended. The plan … Read more

“Conditionality” separates Italy and the Netherlands and makes it difficult to reach an agreement in the Eurogroup | Coronavirus

Getting Italy and the Netherlands to agree on the conditions that will be required of countries that use the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) credit line is currently what separates the Eurogroup from a compromise solution that would allow the euro area, already next week, have a joint response to the crisis to present. The proposal … Read more