Maripier Morin’s mea culpa is only half convincing

The words and tears of actress Maripier Morin, invited to Everybody talks about it Sunday divide communication experts and the public. While some see it as an exercise in sincere and convincing repentance, others criticize a lack of authenticity and denounce its very presence on the set. “I found her sincere, professional, genuine. […] She … Read more

Gala Artis: A petition to withdraw the nomination of Maripier Morin is born

Last Wednesday, the Artis evening unveiled her nominees in the Female Role – Seasonal Drama Series category at Hi hello. We discovered with surprise that the name of Maripier morin, denounced last July for common assault and racist comments, was found among those ofIsabel Richer, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse, Julie le breton and Guylaine Tremblay. The nomination … Read more

Maripier Morin: relentlessness | The Journal of Montreal

So, like that, eminent representatives of the CAQ (Colonie Artistique Québécoise) disapprove of the nomination of Maripier Morin at the Artis gala … They are outraged that the actress of The fault is found in the category “female role, seasonal drama series”. Excuse me, folks, but what would you want? That Maripier Morin is hiding … Read more

Mariloup Wolfe defends the choice of Maripier Morin for Arlette!

Mariloup Wolfe defended his decision to give the film the lead Arlette ! to Maripier Morin, Wednesday. Without endorsing the actions of the host, the director indicated that she had “stood out in a significant way” in audition. • Read also: The return of Maripier Morin is confirmed On March 15, we learned that Maripier … Read more