“Things got out of hand”: Woman from ‘Ears’ tells all about the night of Igor’s death – Portugal

Marisa, wife of Marco ‘Orelhas’, the number two of the Super Dragons, was interviewed exclusively by CMTV. Marisa revealed to CM/CMTV that after the clashes on the night of the Porto party, Renato went to his mother. “When I got home, my son appeared, he clung to me crying and said: Oh mother, it’s over.

the first duel between Orestes and Marisa is decided by the minimum

Orestes returns to ‘brand new’ rival in ‘El Rosco’. After José Luis, who has said goodbye with her promised makeoveris he Marisa’s debut in the final test of ‘Pasapalabra’. The two contestants have fought for the jackpot, which is imminently approaching one million euros… unless one of them takes it first. The surprise has not … Read more

The death of Gustavo Martínez: they assure that Marisa, the nanny, isolated him from Felipe and Martita Fort

The death of Gustavo Martinez uncovered hidden things of the Fort family. And little by little, many questions come to light. Karina, Eduardo Fort’s ex-wife, turned on the fan and told the intern. SAD BURIAL the body of Gustavo Martinez he was transferred to the Chacarita Cemetery, where Martita and Felipe Fort were present. He … Read more