Martigues – Education – Martigues: Pierre Dharréville will question the government tomorrow on the Ulis classes

“Tomorrow, I will question the government during the #QOSD session on the education of children with disabilities. For the school to fulfill its missions with all children, they must be received in dignified conditions and supported in an appropriate manner. An inclusive school requires giving each child what they need to be able to flourish … Read more

Vitrolles – Education – Strike of educational assistants at Jean Monnet high school and Camille Claude college

In connection with the strikes of the 13 AED collective, today, the educational assistants of the Jean Monnet high school and the Camille Claudel college in Vitrolles mobilized to denounce the precariousness of the AED status. They demand the right to training and the recognition of qualifications, better working conditions, tenure and higher wages and … Read more

Martigues: high school students of Paul Langevin angry

The Paul Langevin establishment was, this morning, at 8:30 am, the scene of a high school uprising. A hundred students gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the new organization decided by the management of their establishment to limit the spread of the virus After a “blank” day, without lessons, on Tuesday, during which the teaching … Read more