“We confuse speed and acceleration”: Marius Gilbert’s focus on the rebound of the epidemic

Is the approach of the authorities too severe given the figures of the Covid-19 epidemic? Admittedly, these are up compared to the month of June, but they are in no way comparable to those of March / April, when the peak was reached. Today, 312 people are currently hospitalized with a coronavirus infection, up from … Read more

Marius Gilbert returns to the CNS announcements: “It will have to be changed”

At the end of a new National Security Council, the Prime Minister, Sophie Wilmès (MR), announced a series of relaxations in current health rules. But the liberal also warned the Belgians: certain measures will have to remain in place. This is particularly the case of the bubble of five, which ultimately did not burst as … Read more

Marius Gilbert on the coronavirus: “If individual responsibility does not work, there will be stricter measures”

The epidemiologist warns: faced with the rise in infections, the government could take additional measures quickly. Posted 07/20/2020 at 9:45 p.m. By writing with Belga Lhe Crisis Center was reassuring on Monday about the evolution of the Covid-19 epidemic in Belgium, but reiterated its call for caution in the face of the increase in cases … Read more