Why be a sign-Cov antibodies closer and easier than waiting for a meeting?

Hauled virus vaccine Corona all the attention in the race to fight these 19, although it took several months, but there is a new trend in the United States to develop antibody therapy for the treatment of SK some scientists believe that these treatments may be available this year, even before the vaccine, according to … Read more

The first photo medicine raise treat the interests of the Corona after its manufacture in Egypt

Dr. Amjad Talaat general manager of the manufacturer for the treatment of the corona in Egypt it was delivered 1100 dose of medication to raise the House already in Egypt, the Ministry of Health to start using it to treat patients with severe cases of infection MERS-CoV, which is the initial doses will treat 100 … Read more

Manufacturer to meet Oxford for Corona doubled its production of 2 million doses

The report revealed the agency”Reuters” for a doubling of the British pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca Energy manufacturing to meet corona virus probably and at the University of Oxford to one million doses, to ensure the supply amount for low-income countries. Where is the support page with the response group epidemiological CEPI And the alliance of vaccines … Read more