“We were 4, now we are 5 against France and Germany.” Is the end of the European Union on stage in Brussels? – Free newspaper

The little ones who care about the big ones. This also happens at the meeting of the leaders of the frugal countries, where Austria, Holland, Denmark and Sweden, plus Finland are coordinating “our position together with colleagues from Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands and Sweden on the outstanding issues in the financial framework negotiations years and … Read more

more loans, less grants and “emergency brake”, Rutte exults – Libero Quotidiano

July 18, 2020 Less grants, more loans to countries in difficulty. This would be the agreement reached on Recovery Fund at the restricted summit staged in Brussels between the Italian premier Giuseppe Conte, the Dutch one Mark Rutte, the Spanish one Pedro Sanchez, the French president Emmanuel Macron, the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the … Read more