Davidová does not want to set numerical goals. However, he does not regret the decision to continue with biathlon

“I managed quite well to follow the training schedule and I have to say that I had a lot of fun this year. I feel in a better position than a year ago, I’m happy for that. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean much. Doing something well in preparation and then transferring it to … Read more

Bravo! Markéta Davidová takes bronze from the world championship, Mikyska world champion

The winner was Dorothea Wiererová, the winner of Friday’s supersprint, in which Davidová was fourth. The Italian beat the home German Denise Herrmann by 9.4 seconds, David was 30.9 seconds behind. “I’m very happy for the shooting time. It could have been at least one mistake less, but I think it wasn’t bad,” said Davidová. … Read more

Biathletes in full force. Even with Davidova, but she defends two golds against tougher competition

Last year on home soil in Nové Město in Moravia, the Czechs experienced a spectacular record medal harvest (7 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze). Michal Krčmář and Markéta Davidová took two firsts, who also won one silver. The Czech women’s number one recently showed her summer form in Norway, where she claimed her first … Read more

Davidova led for a long time, another triumph was close

Davidová, similar to Friday’s triumph in the supersprint, was once again the fastest in the continuation of the traditional summer event. She was leading in the race, but three mistakes on the shooting range did not allow her to gain a bigger lead. She then lost the first position after a failure in the final … Read more

Here, thank you. Puskarčíková made the silver mark behind her biathlon career

The biathlon championship of the republic was marked by farewells. Eva Puskarčíková finished her career in supersprints in second place. Other finishing competitors Natálie Jurčová and Tomáš Krupčík also heard applause from the champagne. Jessica Jislová and, surprisingly, Tomáš Mikyska were happy with the titles in the Břízky complex in Jablonec. Puskarčíková ran most of … Read more

For the deceased biathlete. The Czechs donate the proceeds of the auction to the family of the fallen athlete

Czech biathletes have decided to lend a helping hand to the victims of the war in Ukraine. Almost a week ago, Mikuláš Karlík started an auction of Olympic clothing, and Markéta Davidová and Eva Puskarčíková gradually joined him. Proceeds from the auction have so far climbed to almost 150,000 crowns. And it’s not over yet. … Read more

Another gold for Voborníková. The Czech biathlete is a two-time world champion

Biathlete Tereza Voborníková is a two-time junior world champion. After a sprint triumph, she also dominated Sunday’s fighter race and won her third medal at the Soldier Hollow Championship. She added the second victory to the bronze medal from the endurance race. She reached the podium for gold with a sign saying “Pray for Ukraine”. … Read more

The Czechia has a biathlon world champion. Junior Mareček dominated the endurance race

Czech biathlete Jonáš Mareček became the junior world champion in the endurance race in the American Soldier Hollow. On the 15-kilometer track, he made a double mistake, was upright and recorded his fourth best time in the run. Tereza Voborníková followed up on his triumph in the 12.5 km bronze medal race in bronze. Twenty-one-year-old … Read more

Laughter crossed David. I don’t know what happened, she was sad after a failed sprint

The Czech biathletes did not sprint at the Olympic Games in Beijing. The best of them was Lucie Charvátová, who missed the last target and finished twenty-fifth. Jessica Jislová was 31st, while Czech number one Markéta Davidová made four shooting mistakes and took 41st place. The winner was the Norwegian Marte Olsbu Röiseland, for whom … Read more

Davidová and Krčmář believe in miraculous grease, they are afraid of frost and loss of strength

Biathletes Markéta Davidová and Michal Krčmář are preparing for the big challenge in the form of winter and unpleasant wind before the start of the Olympic Games in Beijing. According to sports director Ondřej Rybář, both Czech hopes, which should have a certain participation in Saturday’s mixed relay, have recognized that the frost combined with … Read more