When to pay with credit and when with debit?

Depending on the cut-off date and the possibility of having the cash invested, it will be the savings that can be achieved despite the tax The project to modify the Tax Code of the city of Buenos Aires, effective as of 2021, contemplates a new taxable event in the Stamp Tax that impacts on credit … Read more

How to distribute your budget in Fácilaviso for your Black Friday campaigns

Regardless of whether it is large companies or SMEs, when it comes to the issue of investments and the calculation of the marketing budget, this usually takes great relevance in either case, since it is put on the table one of the elements that has the greatest impact on the growth of any company. And … Read more

Experts Announce a New Era of Marketing Based on Memorable Customer Experiences |

Despite the crisis, the budgets that the main brands will allocate to create better experiences would grow 36% in the next three years. Strategies that make customers feel safe and that connect with their new consumption habits will be key to achieving reactivation and transformation into the new normal. Adaptation is the buzzword in organizations … Read more