Regret having problems with H Faisal, Tiara Marleen burst into tears: My husband immediately divorced three because of shame

Hops.ID – Some time ago, Tiara Marleen mention the late Vanessa Angel pregnant out of wedlock while live on social media. Now, Tiara Marleen admits that he is sorry. Because, he was finally reported by the in-laws Vanessa Angel, H Faisal. What’s more, now Tiara Marleen has been named a suspect in the alleged case … Read more

Ridwan Kamil’s hilarious answer about Tiara Marleen who claims to be a relative: Okezone Celebrity

JAKARTA – Tiara Marleen regained public attention. Because he claimed to have a sibling relationship with Ridwan Kamil |. He said that his father had ties to the governor of West Java. After his father died, the relationship was strained. “We happen to have family, even though we are far away. It’s because my Papa … Read more

Tiara Marleen Apologizes, Faisal: I Didn’t Ask Him To Do That To Me All

JAKARTA, – Aunt Andriansyah’s father, Faisal, responded to the dangdut singer Tiara Marleen who apologized for his actions. For information, Tiara Marleen was named a suspect in the alleged defamation case through electronic media on June 6, 3022. “Yes, I didn’t ask him to apologize to me, I just reported it. From the start … Read more

Called Playing Victim after Defaming Vanessa Angel, Tiara Marleen Defends

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Singer Tiara Marleen is currently facing legal proceedings over the report of Aunt Andriansyah’s father, Faisal. Is known, Tiara Marleen had mentioned Vanessa Angel unwed pregnancy. For his statement, Faisal chose to report the singer to the police. Now, Tiara Marleen called playing victim by netizens. In an event Break, Tiara Marleen give … Read more

Swiss Music Awards 2022 – Joya Marleen is the clear winner at the “Swiss Music Awards” 2022 – News

contents A look back at the past music year at the presentation of Switzerland’s largest music prize: the “Swiss Music Awards” took place tonight in the ice rink in Zug on TV at 3+. High-flyer Joya Marleen collected three prizes at her premiere, two won dialect singer Kunz. 10:31pm – Joya Marleen – the night’s … Read more

Marleen from “Caring for mom” about living in poverty: “People are quick to judge, they see what we have and not what we leave behind”

“Be careful: I am very realistic when it comes to money. I know how quickly a situation can turn around,” she says. “I hope to work again someday, but I fear it. Although I would love to help people in poverty as an experience expert, because I know what this can mean. If necessary, I’ll … Read more

Marleen Boonen, François Sterchele’s mother, died of Coronavirus

It is sad news that we learn this morning. The mother of former football player François Sterchele, Marleen Boonen, has died from the Coronavirus. Mrs Boonen had to face, in 2008, the death of her son who was killed in a car accident. Following this accident, she launched the non-profit organization Rêves d’enfants, an association … Read more

Marleen Temmerman: “In Kenya barely 5 to 10 percent is vaccinated, there is no stock” – Listen Select

While the discussion is raging here about the sense and nonsense of a third jab, on the other side of the world there is a shortage of vaccines. “Covid is a global problem, we can only be safe together if everyone is safe and vaccinated” Marleen Temmerman responds in ‘De Morgen’. “As long as countries … Read more

Professor Marleen Temmerman on third booster vaccine in the West: “Let us vaccinate the rest of the world first”

Countries that have too many vaccines should give large amounts to countries with a shortage of vaccines, the professor says. “In addition, we must continue to invest in order to create that capacity in Africa ourselves,” says Temmerman. “For example, Senegal and South Africa, with support from Europe and the US, are developing this capacity … Read more