The Badminton World Championship is about to start. Can the country’s badminton women’s singles break the 11-year history of no championship? _Chen Yufei_Entry_Project

Original title: The Badminton World Championship is about to start. Can the women’s singles break the 11-year history of no championship? The badminton world championships will start in Tokyo, Japan on Monday, and the most talked about conversation is the women’s singles. For the Chinese team, from the inception of the World Championships to 2011, … Read more

The star of the Mexican series Susana Dosamantes died: her colleague Marlene Favela is heartbroken

Dosamantes was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer after she was admitted to Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami in April, according to the Dallas News. A spokeswoman for S. Dosamentes told the Spanish-language People magazine about the woman’s condition. “She is receiving treatment, but has not been hospitalized. She is coming to the hospital for chemotherapy,” … Read more

Marlene Rodríguez revealed the nickname of Indigo, the daughter of Evaluna Montaner and Camilo

Regarding Camilo and Evaluna’s decision not to expose indigo on social networks, the little girl’s grandmother expressed herself in favor of that position. “They feel that, for now, it is better this way. And I totally agree.”he indicated. It happens that the parents were absent from social networks, so much so that until now they … Read more

Evaluna Montaner: what is a doula, the trade that her mother learned to help her in the birth of Indigo | Marlene Rodriguez | United States Celebs | nnda nnlt | FAME

At the beginning of April, one of the most anticipated babies at the international level was born. Is about Indigothe daughter of the singers Camilo Echeverry and Evaluna Montaner, a couple that in recent months has become one of the most famous and beloved in the artistic environment. But what also caught our attention was … Read more

They assure that Marlene Rodríguez mistreated the employees of her son’s wedding with Stefi Roitman

Before this man appeared, the family had held meetings with a company, which took them to see places and try food in Exaltación de la Cruz, where the link was. This company ended up resigning, especially at the request of the wife of Ricardo Montaner that the guests stay for free in a luxury hotel. … Read more

Marlene Montaner inadvertently revealed the sex of the baby that Evaluna and Camilo are expecting

Evaluna Montaner’s mother, Marlena, was giving a note to Ciudad Magazine, talking about her current work project when a comment revealed the sex of the baby that her daughter, Evaluna, is expecting with the singer Camilo. “We are presenting an organic line of baby clothes, you saw there are some hanging dresses. Since Eva is … Read more

Marlene Favela published photos of Dia de Reyes 2022 with her daughter Bella Seely: they split the thread and threw a balloon | Famous

Kings Day 2022 is the third Kings Day celebrated Marlene favela with his daughter Bella Seely. On this occasion, thanks to the fact that her little girl is already older, the actress was able to enjoy with her a very special tradition of this day: breaking the rosca de Reyes. Marlene Favela shared how she … Read more

Marlene Favela revealed that she will always protect and take care of her ex-husband

Written in CELEBRITIES the 26/12/2021 · 14:05 hs Businessman George Seely and the actress Marlene favela they separated more than a year ago. However, Marlene has said that she always She will protect and take care of her ex-husband, with whom she procreated little Bella. The actress of soap operas like “La desalmada” was married … Read more