Their parents forbade them to marry, so they got married after 60 years

Jeanette Steer, now 78, and Len Allbrighton, a year older, met as health workers on the Isle of Wight. They liked each other so much that they wanted to get married soon and move to Australia. But Jeanette’s parents didn’t even want to hear about the wedding. In 1963, girls under the age of twenty-one … Read more

Media mogul: Rupert Murdoch (92) will marry for the fifth time

media mogul Rupert Murdoch (92) will marry for the fifth time The most powerful media entrepreneur has proposed to Ann Lesley Smith on St. Patrick’s Day. publishedMar 21, 2023 at 3:43 am Planning his fifth marriage: Conservative media mogul Rupert Murdoch. (archive image) REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth Murdoch, 92, has proposed to 66-year-old Ann Lesley Smith. Getty … Read more

he wakes up his wife and their child, they leave the house, their whole roof was already on fire!

On the night of Tuesday to Wednesday, around midnight, the firefighters of Marcinelle under the orders of Lieutenant Housse, Warrant Officer André and Sergeant Baudoux, intervened rue des Chanterelles in Goutroux. Read also Anaïs loses everything in the fire of her house in Couillet: “Everything was almost renovated, only the roof, the terrace and the … Read more

“Father living with stepmom”… Jung Kyung-ho, the real reason why he couldn’t marry ‘Choi Soo-young’ for 11 years |

Recently, actor Jung Kyung-ho, who received great love for appearing on tvN’s ‘One Big Scandal’, mentioned the timing of his marriage to actor Choi Soo-young, with whom he has been in a public relationship for 11 years, drawing attention from many people, and the fact that actor Park Jeong-soo is a stepmother has been re-examined, … Read more

Celebrity coach to marry himself

Lamin Frank Coker (32) is known to many as Laminofly – the personal trainer of a number of Norwegian celebrities, including Else Kåss Furuseth, Agnes Kittelsen and Iselin Guttormsen. In the latter’s podcast, “The G-point”, he talked about the big choice he has recently made. Coker is to marry himself next Saturday. Started as nonsense … Read more

Officers’ guard of honor for incurably ill colleague: his last wish was to marry his beloved | inland

The guard of honor was formed around 2 p.m. at the police station on Breelaan. The police helicopter also flew above the guard of honor. “About 150 agents and boas came to Ede for a tribute. Colleagues wanted to make it an unforgettable day for him,” says a police spokesperson.

“Jip Pokchat” opens his heart to marry Lightning Tell me how you lived before you got married!

“Jip Pokchat” opens up for the first time after the lightning wedding With a businessman boyfriend outside the industry by the sea, ready to reveal the love path that the person said that love does not need time Have studied the habits by experimenting before marrying. It also revealed plans to have an heir. Every … Read more

A female college student who refused to marry her cousin was pierced through the chest by her uncle|Dongsen News

2023/03/03 08:47 In July 2022, Somaiya Begum, a 20-year-old Asian female college student in the UK, was found dead in Bradford (Bradford) in July 2022. The police quickly arrested Somaya’s 53-year-old uncle, Mohammed Taroos Khan, because Somaya had disclosed that he rejected the marriage arranged by the family. However, Mohammed still denied “murder” of Somaya … Read more

he was found dead in prison

It is the “Journal du Centre” which provides the information. On February 23, the lifeless body of a Belgian, Pascal F. (58) was found in his cell at the Orléans-Saran prison center (Loiret). He had been detained there since January 28. Both the public prosecutor’s office in Bourges (Cher), where the case that led him … Read more