“Nong Joy” the bride of “Keng Lai Camouflage” in a beautiful wedding dress

Entering the wedding door for another couple “Nong Joy Jirawan” Mother is also spicy and “Good camouflage” famous net idol who held a wedding ceremony on November 22 at Benedict Studio Nong Joy Jirawan and Keng Laipung after last year “Good camouflage” have wielded “Little Joy“Announcing the good news that your girlfriend is pregnant. and … Read more

Bishop of Porto asks the faithful not to marry in August – Society

The Bishop of Porto asked the faithful of his diocese to release priests from pastoral work such as baptisms and weddings on the weekend of 5 and 6 August 2023, on the occasion of World Youth Day (WYD), in Lisbon. D. Manuel Linda justifies this by saying that priests will be “indispensable for many tasks”, … Read more

Upset Teacher Desperate for Sex Surgery to Marry the Most Beautiful Girl in School

Jakarta – Geger, a teacher in India, is desperate to have sex reassignment surgery to marry his student. The woman whose real name is Meera Kuntal has drawn controversy after changing sex with the intention of marrying the prettiest girl in her school. Reported NDTV, Meera, who used to be a gym teacher in Bharatpur, … Read more

The figure of Emily Horne, a woman marries 5 men, this is the first husband’s confession

loading… Emily Horne, an English woman who has five husbands and has been dubbed the worst bigamy woman in England. Photo/Rod Minchin/PA via The Guardian LONDON – Emily Horne (43), a woman from England who have five husbands with separate marriages again in the media spotlight after her lover left. Horne has earned the nickname … Read more

The story of a woman meeting her biological daughter at a wedding, it turns out that her own future son-in-law

Jakarta – A wedding in China was filled with emotion. The groom’s mother cried when she found out that her daughter-in-law was her own biological child. The unique incident occurred in Suzhou, Jiangsu province on March 31, 2021. The bride and her mother-in-law were seen crying and hugging at the wedding which turned into a … Read more

Half-Century Teacher Leaves Wife to Marry His Student

loading… Gavin Dunsmuir (right), a teacher of Religious Education in Scotland, leaves his wife in favor of an inappropriate relationship with his student. Photo/The Mirror NORTH AYRSHIRE – A 50-year-old Religious Education (RE) teacher has become the subject of public ridicule Scotland for leaving his wife and marrying a young woman who had been his … Read more

This woman married several men for dowry and gifts

loading… A woman in Pakistan marries several men for dowry and gifts. Photo/Illustration via The Express Tribune KARACHI – A woman in Pakistan was revealed to have marry several men to get dowry and gifts. The trick, she married the man who proposed to her and then ran away with the jewelry and cash that … Read more

Ethel affected by Paolo Guerrero’s change of attitude in her new relationship: “She didn’t want to marry Alondra” | SHOWS

Updated 11/03/2022 02:55 PM m. Ethel Pozodriver of ‘America Today’ she was outraged to see the demonstrations of affection that she currently has Paolo Guerrero in his relationship with Paula Consort. Since they began their romance, the couple shows their love through photographs and loving messages. MIRA: Magaly Medina and her criticism of Christian Domínguez … Read more

Two beauty queens marry in secret after meeting in a pageant

Two of the most beautiful women in their respective countries have found love in a rather unsuspected place. • Read also: See the 26 most beautiful costumes of Quebec stars for Halloween 2022 Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico have just announced that they got married, two years after meeting in a beauty pageant. The … Read more

Learn about the strange condition that Sherine set to marry again

Actress Sherine set a strange condition for the boy of her dreams if she decided to marry for the second time. Sherine said in press statements that she only married once and gave birth to one daughter, noting that she was not free to marry because she was preoccupied with her family, her work in … Read more