A famous Egyptian artist who acted in 600 films and was confined to the role of a light-hearted maid.. Farid Shawqi refused to marry her to his brother and was killed in a hideous way for money?!!

She participated in about 600 films, and began her artistic career as a chorus singer, her most famous role was the role of the light-hearted maid who delivers messages between the two lovers. She is the artist Wedad Hamdi, she was born in the city of Kafr El-Sheikh in the middle of the Nile Delta, … Read more

Marry me?.. A famous Egyptian artist takes off the modesty dress and asks for Sabreen’s hand on the air.. The latter’s reaction shocked everyone!

The artist Sabreen had a cooking experience during a previous interview with Esaad Younes on the “Sahebat Al-Saada” program broadcast on the “dmc” satellite channel. Sabreen told Asaad Younis: “I give you 4 types of food, I need you to make me cheat.” And the artist, Esaad Younes, complained about the doctor responsible for her … Read more

They asked Ola Ghanem: If you were a man who would like to marry, who would you be among the actresses? .. She answered with all boldness and without an ounce of shame.!!

Actress Ola Ghanem managed to catch the audience’s attention at first sight, as critics always describe her as a talented and capable actress who possesses great acting capabilities and capabilities. Actress Ola Ghanem started her career through the advertising portal, and soon she was able to draw attention to her with different and varied roles. … Read more

Surabaya District Court Allows Citizens to Marry Different Religions

SURABAYAKOMPAS.com – District Court (PN) Surabaya legalize interfaith marriages between RA and EDS. Through the stipulation Number 916/Pdt.P/2022/PN.Sby, the Department of Population and Civil Registration of the City of Surabaya was also asked to record the marriage in order to issue a marriage certificate. PR PN Surabaya Suparno confirmed the stipulation. Also read: Former Urban … Read more

Lee Minho Marries Indonesian Woman, Mason Marries Apartment, Public Salfok Bride’s Name Similar to Drakor Artist

Marriage of a woman from Subah, Batang, Central Java with a Korean man (Instagram/ @pekalonganinfo). The news of Puput and Lee Minho’s marriage has shocked the world of social media. BeritaHits.id – News Lee Minho marrying an Indonesian woman has shocked the Indonesian public. Is this news true? Lee Minho did marry Puput, a woman … Read more

Surabaya District Court Allows Citizens to Marry Different Religions: To Avoid Gatherings

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — The Surabaya District Court (PN) granted the request wedding different religion submitted by a Muslim and Christian couple, after being rejected by the local Population and Civil Registration Service. The reason is so that the practice of cohabitation does not occur. Public Relations of the Surabaya District Court Suparno said the … Read more

Nahla Salama reveals with unprecedented boldness the name of the actor she wished to marry. You won’t believe who he is?!

2022/06/19 It’s 05:40 PM Island Bay | Follow Favorite The Egyptian artist, Nahla Salama, was born in 1968 in Cairo and belongs to an artistic family, and her life is full of events, crises and bold statements. Nahla Salama entered the world of acting by chance, and she started on stage with the plays “Alam … Read more

When they asked the screen beauty Yasmine Sabry: Who is the man you would marry? She replied without shame and shocked everyone! !

Earlier, the artist, Yasmine Sabry, revealed the specifications of her dream boy, in an interview with Esaad Younes on her program Her Excellency. During this meeting, Yasmine Sabry talked about the specifications of her dream boy, and said that she prefers to be associated with a tall man, athletic and brown or wheatish in color, … Read more

When they asked the artist Zina (Why did you marry Ahmed Ezz in secret?) .. She revealed this personal matter without shame!!

The artist Zina did not hesitate to reveal her full story with the artist Ahmed Ezz and how she married him customarily in Egypt, after a love story and documented the marriage in America when he asked her to retire from art and devote herself to taking care of her children. And about her marriage … Read more

Return to the top. Marry Curry as long as you can, know the NBA

<!—-> The decisive game was won at night on a bird on the soup board, where they succeeded 103: 90. AND Curry scored 34 points on vtzstv. Steph is an extraordinary athlete and hunter, a moment of Golden State star Steve Kerr. I have such a combination of humility and confidence that everyone wants to … Read more