They discover a planet as big as Jupiter and as light as a marshmallow

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Scientists Discover New Planet Very Similar To Marshmallow With Its Soft Atmosphere

BOY ZONE – The universe is so strange, and planet–planet even weirder. There is rain diamond in a few planetthere is also a pressure that can destroy a human in a second. Now, scientists have discovered a planet similar long distance Marshmallow. This “soft” planet is officially called TOI-3757 b and scientists estimate planet it … Read more

Astronomers Find Extrasolar Planets, Have Density Like Marshmallows

“Astronomers say the marshmallow planet is the smoothest exoplanet ever found where it orbits a red dwarf star.” KENDARI TELISIK.ID – Astronomers found a planet that was identified as having a density like a marshmallow. This marshmallow planet adds to the array of unique objects in the universe. Quoted from, astronomers say if the … Read more

Astronomers spot a “fragile planet” as a “marshmallow” candy

Discover astronomers A flying planet with a low density that is no more than the density of a marshmallow. The planet, called TOI-3757 b, is the most fragile of all. car planets Known, it orbits a cold red dwarf star at about 580 . Light year From Earth in the constellation Auriga. read more This … Read more

Scientists Find Marshmallow Soft Planet Near Dwarf Star

loading… The soft planet found near a red dwarf is the smallest and faintest star still converting hydrogen to helium. PHOTO/ DAILY LONDON – A group of astronomers discovered planet which has a density equal to that of a marshmallow. This unique planet is known to orbit a red dwarf star. ALSO READ – Aliens … Read more

TOI-3757b the exoplanet whose density looks like a marshmallow

As fluffy as a cloud or a marshmallow, this is how astronomers compared the density of the newly discovered exoplaneta TOI-3757b. The impressive find was made by the Carnegie Institution for Science’s Earth and Planets Laboratory in United States. With the help of the telescope WINE3.5 meters, from the Kitt Peak National Observatory, American scientists … Read more

They discover exoplanet with the density of a marshmallow

An international team of astronomers discovered, in a constellation 580 light-years from Earth, a gas giant exoplanet with the density of a “marshmallow”. It is the “spongiest ever discovered”, reported the National Science Foundation of the United States (USA). With the help of the Kitt Peak National Observatory’s 3.5-meter WIYN telescope, scientists have detected an … Read more

Astronomers discover exoplanet with marshmallow density

PHOTO : NOIRLAB/NSF/AURA/J. DA SILVA/SPA American scientists have discovered a very unusual exoplanet. The gas giant TOI-3757 b is located 580 light years from Earth in the constellation Auriga. The celestial body is close in size to Jupiter, but has an extremely low density, which can be compared with a marshmallow, according to an article … Read more

Astronomers Find Planet As Soft As Marshmallow

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A number of astronomers have recently discovered planet extrasolar with a density similar to that of a marshmallow. Planet This unique species is known to orbit a red dwarf star. This discovery is called the researchers as an important finding. The reason is, this discovery shows a planet with a low … Read more

Actor hospitalized after spray tan: – I didn’t want to look like a marshmallow

Jennifer Coolidge (61) recently won her first Emmy for her portrayal of Tanya McQuoid in the HBO series “The White Lotus”. HBO: Coolidge along with the other stars of the HBO series White Lotus. Photo: Chris Pizzello/AP She is previously known for her roles as Steve Stifler’s mother in the “American Pie” series, and as … Read more