Martinique University Hospital appeals to everyone’s responsibility

TRIBUNE – Your CHU calls on everyone’s responsibility! The CHU is going through a very alarming crisis: rebound of the epidemic still mourning many families, shortage and exhaustion of nursing and medical staff, repeated postponements of care for non-COVID pathologies … The fate of Martinicans’ health is escaping the pillar that is our Public Hospital. … Read more

The tension over the protests against vaccines continues in Guadeloupe and spreads to Martinique

Violence continues in Guadeloupe, despite reinforcements from the police. They are now monitoring a possible contagion in neighboring Martinique, where police and firefighters were also shot at overnight. The curfew was extended until November 28 in Guadeloupe, so the violence continued on Tuesday, November 23. In Paris, the Government insists on the restoration of order, … Read more

Between the West Indies and chlordecone, ultratoxicity under the eye of the microscope

The ongoing social crisis in Guadeloupe and Martinique has put the sensitive subject of pollution in the Antilles with chlordecone back on the table. This highly toxic insecticide, banned since 1993 throughout France, is at the heart of various scientific studies aimed at better understanding its harmful effects on the human body and ecosystems. the … Read more

4 out of 10 people affected in Martinique

The Regional Health Agency and IREPS Martinique are organizing a videoconference on the prevention and management of chronic diseases in Martinique on Thursday, November 18, 2021 from 6 p.m. How to prevent chronic diseases? How to improve patient care? What support systems are offered in Martinique? The objective of this webinar will be to inform … Read more

All in Martinique (France 3) The last appearance of Jacob Desvarieux who died of Covid-19

For the first time in Overseas Territories, Laury Thilleman and Claudy Siar present a completely new musical show: “Tous en Martinique”. Of West Indian origin and godfather of this first edition in the Caribbean, Julien Clerc has mobilized a set of exceptional artists from metropolitan France and overseas to offer a unique show on an … Read more

The first guide to supportive oncology care is launched in Martinique – All Martinique news on the Internet

The Martinique Regional Health Agency and the Martinique Regional Oncology Platform, with their partners, have designed a guide on supportive oncology care in order to improve the readability of the offer and its accessibility. This first guide, which aims to support cancer patients with the support of health professionals, was presented this Tuesday afternoon at … Read more

why a difference between Martinique and Guadeloupe?

The prefecture of Martinique imposes a curfew from 7 p.m., while at the same time, Guadeloupeans will be able to circulate freely until midnight. How to explain this difference? Xavier Chevalier • Posted on October 26, 2021 at 8:01 am, updated on October 27, 2021 at 11:27 a.m. While Guadeloupe continues its deconfinement and enters … Read more

Agricultural occupational diseases: prostate cancer soon to be recognized – All Martinique news on the Internet

As expected, prostate cancer should soon be included in the table of occupational diseases. A first recognition for agricultural workers, which meets a promise from Emmanuel Macron, in September 2018. Questioned this afternoon (October 20) by the ecologist senator of Morbihan, Joël Labbé, during the questioning session to the government, the Minister of Agriculture and … Read more

The health pass set up from Monday at the CHUM – All the news from Martinique on the Internet

The Martinique University Hospital is setting up, as of Monday, October 11, the control of the health pass with users coming to its sites. A first week of application which is primarily educational, indicates the direction. The health pass will apply from Monday at the CHUM, indicates the management of the hospital, in a press … Read more

Covid-19: In Martinique, 8 additional deaths in 24 hours, excess mortality in the city under surveillance

The director general of ARS Martinique, Jérôme Viguier held a press point this Friday afternoon. He largely returned to the indicators of the covid-19 epidemic on the island. If viral circulation is showing signs of slowing down, it is still way too high. Indeed, according to Jérôme Viguier, the incidence rate was in week 33 … Read more