Oliwia Bieniuk about her relationship with Martyna Gliwińska: “I can’t tell my dad to love those I LIKE”

The fact that Oliwia Bieniuk sooner or later it will be in a celebrity backyard, it could be expected for a long time. Despite her young age, she was a daughter Jarosław Bieniuk i Anna Przybylska takes bolder steps in show business, taking part in subsequent sessions, and even appearing in the first production – … Read more

An upset Martyna Wojciechowska appeals for EQUALITY: “If you are honored, YOU CAN KILL YOURSELF”

About loud the detention of activist Margot is spoken not only in Poland, but also around the world. The West watches with horror what is happening in the country on the Vistula River. Recall that the cup of bitterness was poured out on Friday evening, when the police pacified peacefully demonstrating LGBT activists who opposed … Read more