Surprising scenes in front of Maryla Rodowicz’s house. “It hasn’t happened yet”

Maryla Rodowicz she is adored not only for her energy, distance to herself, sense of humor, talent or dozens of hits. The artist is also extremely open to her fans. They have often shown that they are invited to the stage, post-concert meetings or meetings in the dressing room. What happened to Maryla on March … Read more

TVP money for participation in a charity concert Ukraine Solidarity with Ukraine Justyna Steczkowska Edyta Górniak Maryla Rodowicz honoraria concert

On Thursday, February 24, 2022 the Russian invasion of Ukraine began. A day later, the then president of TVP Jacek Kurski announced on Twitter that Telewizja Polska, together with Caritas, would organize it concert under the slogan “Solidarity with Ukraine”. “A great live concert, a gesture of support for Ukraine with a fundraiser for victims … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz did not hide her despair. It got sad in “The Voice Senior”.

The star even confessed that she did not understand the translation of her children in the context of parenthood. – I urge my daughter, but it’s hard. In turn, one of the sons asks why one more child, one more person on this planet, if there is overpopulation and a bad climatic situation … Such … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz regrets one thing. “It was a very dramatic scene”

Alicja Węgorzewska asked Rodowicz if she regretted leaving so much. The star replied yes. – I regret… There were very dramatic scenes when my 4-year-old son stood in the doorway and said: “You will not come out”. I had to leave with my suitcase packed. He was getting hysterical. Horrible. He never brought it up … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz, Doda and Cleo performed on one stage. They looked amazing

Maryla Rodowicz, He adds and Cleo performed on one stage. Intergenerational performances always arouse a lot of emotions. This time, during the New Year’s Eve party in Polsat, the three biggest stars of the Polish scene appeared on the stage, and their performance appealed to the audience. See also: Sylwester Polsat: Doda had one condition. … Read more

Concert 30th birthday Telewizja Polsat when will the broadcast who will perform Maryla Rodowicz Doda Ralph Kamiński

Artists of different generations will perform during the concert – from Maryla Rodowicz through Doda to Ralph Kamiński. In tribute to Kora, Igor Herbut will sing, and Piotr Rubik together with the choir will perform “Let them say that this is not love”. Also on stage will be Muniek Staszczyk, Lady Pank, Kortez, Maciej Maleńczuk, … Read more

Yes Maryla Rodowicz COCKS in Konstancin’s luxuries: a garden full of palm trees, marble countertops, golden taps … (PHOTOS)

Maryla Rodowicz for many years she arranged her nest in an over 100-year-old villa in an oasis of luxury near Warsaw, Konstancin-Jeziorna. The artist’s house has always been full of guests, in front of whom Rodowicz could boast of hospitality and culinary talent. Maryla’s villa is visited not only by stars, but apparently also by … Read more

Opole 2022. Reliable Maryla Rodowicz again at the festival. However, Felicjan Andrzejczak and Krzysztof Cugowski stole the show

During the Sunday concert “No one will give up these years – 70 years of Television”, there were both good and average performances. The vocalists of Budka Suflera – Felicjan Andrzejczak in the song “Jolka, Jolka” and Krzysztof Cugowski in “Jest such a lonely house” presented a show of vocal abilities – and this despite … Read more

Maryla Rodowicz laments her own artistic fate: “When I start boycotting TVP, WHAT WILL I GET?”

Maryla Rodowicz has been present on the Polish scene practically since forever. Although she has built her career on timeless hits and performances all over Poland, she has been appearing in the media in a slightly different context for some time. The star has repeatedly complained that she has financial problems, and allegedly due to … Read more

“The Voice Senior”: Maryla Rodowicz is the only one to stay! Majewska flew out

The program “The Voice Senior” enjoys great popularity, so it’s no wonder that TVP plans to produce the next edition of the show. However, there will be major changes to the program. The previous season ended quite dramatically, because it coincided with the death of Witold Paszt (listen!), who was one of the jurors. His … Read more