Japan Makes Magic Masks, When Infected with COVID-19 It Will Shine : Okezone techno

JAKARTA – A number of researchers from Kyoto University, Japan, has developed a magic mask, when infected with COVID-19 will shine. Produced from Ubergizmo, Thursday (20/1/2022), the magic of the mask lies in the filter, which is made of ostrich antibody. He explained, when the filter is placed under UV light, it will glow and … Read more

3 Facts about COVID-19 Virus Detection Masks Created by Japanese Researchers

Thursday, January 20, 2022 – 11:10 WIB VIVA – Technology will indeed continue to develop even every day. One of them is like technology in the medical world. Moreover, as we know that the COVID-19 pandemic is sweeping the world, so many studies are being carried out by researchers to prevent and even eliminate the … Read more

Chaos in the European Championship: people without masks and sprinting from the plane to the goal Sports

Lithuanian handball players returned home from the European Championship on Tuesday, taking 21st place. For interview 15min The President of the Lithuanian Handball Federation Donatas Pasvenskas praised the Slovak organizers of the Group F competition due to order in the arena and hotel, but the European Championship is no longer so calm. The German national … Read more

N95 and KN95 Masks are Non -Washable and Reusable

Jakarta – Experts including the Indonesian Ministry of Health suggested the use of N95 masks, KN95 masks and KN94 masks to prevent the Omicron variant of COVID-19. Cloth masks are believed to no longer be able to protect themselves from exposure to viruses, especially Omicron. Not a few have asked whether N95 masks and KN95 … Read more

here is what you pay on average per month to protect yourself!

Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 11:03 a.m. Through Amelie Dubois The Covid crisis has disrupted household wallets. A significant part of their budget is now devoted to masks, self-tests or gel. A family with two children spends on average more than €250 per month, according to Test Achats. Faced with the multiplication of … Read more

Pads and masks: how much does the emergency cost. Stinging of 4,800 euros per family

Annual expense for masks and exams A salty, indeed very salty virus. In addition to the ideal price that Covid imposes in terms of lost life, there is another extremely tangible one that hits the accounts of Italians: having Ffp2 masks and regularly undergoing anti-Covid tampons is a real drain on families, especially if the … Read more

US CDC tells people to ditch cloth masks and use N95 ones for Omicron protection

Respirators, when “worn correctly,” protect better than cloth or surgical masks, the CDC said. Joseph Prezioso / AFP via Getty Images The US CDC is urging Americans to up their mask game against the Omicron variant. The agency says the best mask for you is one that fits you well (covering both your nose and … Read more

Covid, between masks and tampons, the cost can reach 4,800 euros per year per family

4/10 © Ansa The president of Consumerismo, Luigi Gabriele, explained that the Ffp2 “In pharmacies they are sold to controlled price of 0.75 euros, but in shops and on the web they have very variable prices, from € 0.40 to € 2.50 per piece ” .

Ffp2 masks, where it is mandatory to use them from buses to stadiums (and unlike the surgical ones)

The use of the mask surgical, and even more of the ffp2, is “an excellent protection tool, reducing the risk of contagion which becomes negligible even at short distances (about 1 meter), regardless of the environmental conditions or the respiratory event considered”. This is the conclusion of the study conducted by an international research team … Read more

Covid, Biden: “We will distribute one billion anti-Covid tests for free”

The US president’s appeal to the media: “Please deal with the misinformation in your programs” <!– CONTINUA A LEGGERE » –> Ansa / CorriereTv “If all goes as planned, next week we will launch a website where you can order free tests that will be sent to your home: we will distribute one billion anti-Covid … Read more