Moez Masoud sues Tariq Al-Shennawi because of a Shiha solution.. and the critic responds

A new crisis has emerged, the hero of which is the producer Moez Masoud And his wife, actress Hala Shiha, After Masoud announced the prosecution of the art critic, Tariq Al-Shennawi, against the background of his recent appearance on a program. Masoud announced, through his account on “Instagram”, his intention to sue Al-Shennawi, against the … Read more

Moez Masoud sends a mysterious message to those who photograph him and his family without their knowledge

11:26 AM Friday 30 July 2021 Books – Abdel Fattah Al-Ajmi: Preacher and producer Moez Masoud expressed his anger at some people taking pictures of him and his family without their knowledge. Masoud wrote through his personal account on Twitter: “For people who like to take pictures of me, my wife and our children, behind … Read more

Special Art – Hala Shiha makes this decision with her husband, Moez Masoud

The “Art” website learned from private sources that the Egyptian actressHala ShihaShe is currently in Dubai, with her husband, an Egyptian Islamic preacher​Moez Masoud​and their sons, more than two months ago.Hala settles with Moez in Dubai, while her contacts with her family were cut off during the last period, due to the tense relationship between … Read more

The director of “Mesh Ana” attacks Moez Masoud: “We take out scenes with any right… I photographed and…

04:07 PM Friday 16 July 2021 I wrote – Mona El Mougy: Sarah Wafik, director of the movie “Mesh Anna”, starring Tamer Hosni and artist Hala Shiha, sent a message to the latter’s husband, producer and Islamic preacher Moez Masoud, through her personal account on the “Facebook” website, against the background of the crisis caused … Read more