Massive Burial of Queen Elizabeth England Estimated to Reach Rp 150 M

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Burial To Elizabeth II took place yesterday, Monday, September 19, 2022. The state funeral of the ruler of the British Empire was attended by heads of state and nobles. There has been no official statement from the Kingdom or the UK government regarding the fees Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral issued to fund … Read more

Warning of massive pay cuts: This would happen in one instance

Changes – in October or November Economist Aleksandras Izgorodin explained that soon companies will face the challenge of energy prices even more strongly, which may lead not only to layoffs, but also to collective reductions in employee salaries. “Companies, trying not to lay off employees and keep them, will focus on collective wage reductions. This … Read more

A massive fire of a 200-meter skyscraper in China. Scary footage

Dozens of floors of the more than 200-meter-high building of the telecommunications company China Telecom “were burning with great intensity,” said the state-owned broadcaster CCTV. The intervention was undertaken by 17 units, 36 vehicles and 280 firefighters. It is not known whether they are injured, but recordings of the event are circulating on social media. … Read more

Panicing Russians leave massive equipment behind during flight, but Ukraine warns of euphoria | Abroad

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door our editorial team abroad 15 sep. 2022 in ABROAD Destroyed Russian equipment just outside the city of Izyum: three armored cars and a tank. Ⓒ AFP KIEV – Some of the Russian soldiers who withdrew from the Kharkov region over the past week have fled “apparently in panic”. … Read more

Find an Alternative Way! Today 15 September Massive Demo Against Fuel Increase, Record Action Center

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM, MAKASSAR – Here’s the information Makassar Demo TodayThursday, 15 September 2022. Yes, demo or rally massively scheduled in Makassar today. Student Alliance Makassar make sure to take to the streets to reject the increase in the price of subsidized fuel oil (BBM). It is known that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jokowi, announced an … Read more

Cencosud denounces massive fraud in through bank cards | Economy

Cencosud reported in the legal action that “a total of 1,257 entries of fraudulent information were recorded in Jumbo’s computer systems.” During the day on Tuesday, a criminal complaint was filed under the crime of computer fraud, filed by the company Cencosud, a multinational consortium controlled by the the Paulmann family. The above, specifically with … Read more

Russia announced “massive strikes” along the Ukrainian front

Moscow retaliated when it was forced to withdraw troops from areas in northeastern Ukraine, particularly the Kharkiv region, following a lightning attack on Kyiv. The territorial shifts are one of Russia’s biggest setbacks since its troops were pushed out of Kyiv in the early days of the nearly seven-month war, but Moscow continues to show … Read more

Massive attacks in all directions

The Russian military claims that they have launched massive attacks against the entire front line in Ukraine. This is reported by the AFP news agency. – Air, missile and artillery forces are carrying out massive attacks against Ukrainian defense units in all directions, claims the Russian Ministry of Defense. The city of Lozova in the … Read more

Planet Theft: Massive Stars Can Steal Jupiter-sized Planets

Mark Garlick/ University of Sheffield The image shows a gas giant planet (such as Jupiter) in a distant orbit around a large blue star. The planet may have been captured or stolen from another star.—According to a new study, planet life-size Jupiter can be stolen or captured by large stars in dense star nurseries. … Read more

Scientists show massive stars can capture planets

Stars are the machines that carved out the universe, but scientists don’t know how they formed. To understand the “baby boom” of star birth that occurred early in the history of the universe, researchers turned to the Small Magellanic Cloud, a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way. This neighboring galaxy has a simpler chemical composition … Read more