Site of Ampat Island, the Iron Civilization Drowning at the Bottom of Lake Matano – All Pages—Sulawesi with its name meaning ‘island iron‘, is known for its iron production for a long time in the archipelago. Based on the 14th century Majapahit manuscript Nagarakertagama, Luwu area, is suspected to be a producer of iron which is exported to Java because of its high quality. Recently, archaeologists reported on the site iron … Read more

Alberto Matano replies to Lorella Cuccarini: “I am a male? Surreal accusation “

Alberto Matano reply to the accusations of Lorella Cuccarini spread in a letter that became public a few hours after the last episode of Live Life. After the end of the broadcast and his reconfirmation to run the Rai show (while Lorella will not be there), the journalist had chosen to remain silent. Now in … Read more