I recommended Hložek, Schick was a matchmaker and manager

The 26-year-old Leverkusen gunner was voted the best Czech Footballer of the Year for the first time in his career. However, during the ceremony at the Clarion Hotel in Vysočina, he also acts as an informant about the expected transfer of Adam Hložek from Sparta to Bayer. “We have the same manager, I know something … Read more

the daughter of the matchmaker Rosa Syabitova was tormented by terrible toxicosis

Xenia is in late pregnancy. The daughter of the host and matchmaker Rosa Syabitova is in late pregnancy. Ksenia admitted that she was suffering from terrible toxicosis. “It seems that I am expecting a boy, because six weeks of terrible toxicosis, I want to die and be resurrected. I won’t be a super cool mom, … Read more