Aldo Miyashiro: Mathías Brivio reacts to Fiorella Retiz’s ‘pole dance’ on his show: “That body is worked” | VIDEO | entertainment | SHOWS

the guardian of Aldo Miyashiro kissing Fiorella Retiz caused the name of the reporter to jump to the pages of the media. The journalist was a recurring panelist on the “Chinese” program on YouTube. READ ALSO: Pamela Franco calls Christian Domínguez an ‘exploitator’: “He doesn’t see me as his partner, he sees me as a … Read more

Mathias Vacek: Banning racing is like a blow between the eyes

He is racing for the Gazprom-RusVelo team, which the International Cycling Federation excluded from all races due to a Russian license. “It’s like a big blow between my eyes that I didn’t absorb even days later,” said Mathias Vacek. On Wednesday, you were to take part with the Gazprom-RusVelo team in the Italian Trofeo Laigueglia … Read more

Let’s Dance 2022: Mathias Mester dances to the favorite

Mathias Mester dances to the favourite Short athlete inspires at “Let’s Dance” It’s dancing again! On Friday evening “Let’s Dance” went on stage and provided entertainment. Mathias Mester in particular impressed the jury and the audience. Published: 02/26/2022 at 11:52 am His appearance on “Let’s Dance” triggered great enthusiasm at the jury panel: The short … Read more

Mathias Brunet believes that Ben Chiarot will not want to sign a contract with the CH

By March 21, the Canadiens will have their work cut out for them. This date means the NHL trade deadline and several Canadiens players will be traded. This is the case of Ben Chiarot, in particular, who has been talked about a lot in recent days. According to the words of Mathias Brunet, the new … Read more

Mathias De Clercq receives an interim report from N-VA: “For one subject 10 out of 10, but otherwise a tube” (Ghent)

© FVV GENT – Mathias De Clercq (Open VLD) and his city council receive a 10 out of 10 for symbolic politics. “It’s their best profession,” says Anneleen Van Bossuyt of N-VA, the largest opposition party in Ghent. “The more woke, the better.” There is also a lot of red in the report that N-VA … Read more

Azul Granton could not bear compliments from Tula Rodríguez to Mathías Ochoa and thus reacted

“He dances spectacularly. It’s not that I edited that photo, but Matías handles himself tremendously … Blue, excuse me, but that totó of your boyfriend is to eat and to take away. Matías, move that task, “said an excited Tula Rodriguez, who caused Azul Granton it almost got over him for everything he said about … Read more

A “band of friends” is mobilized to allow Mathias to discover the

The association “La Bande de copains” in Narbonne raised nearly 30,000 euros to enable Mathias to realize his dream. This little boy, suffering from an incurable cancer, loves the cartoon Vaiana. He wants to discover the lagoons of Polynesia and Maui, the tattooed Tahitian. Benoît Perez, the president of the association The band of friends … Read more