MDG opens for more than two legal parents – NRK Norway – Overview of news from different parts of the country

On Saturday, the national assembly decided to allow children to have more than two legal parents. Behind the proposal is Green Glittering, which is MDG’s LGBTIQ network. Magnus Thun is the leader of Green Glittering. He is happy that the party now recognizes more untraditional families with more caregivers. – I think it is good … Read more

MDG will allow the municipalities to introduce a ban on petrol and diesel

– It must be up to the municipalities even if they want to create zero-emission zones. This is an important tool for many municipalities, but not all, says MDG leader Une Bastholm NRK. In the government’s climate plan, which came in January, it was opened up for Oslo and Bergen to create so-called zero-emission zones … Read more

MDG, schoolbag | MDG believes free school bags lead to buying pressure

The Green Party in Nordland believes that the distribution of orange schoolbags to first-graders contributes to over-consumption and greater differences. Every autumn, free school bags are distributed to first-graders in several counties. The colorful color has a clear message: Here is a first class. Be careful. But what happens when the first class becomes a … Read more