“Does Jeon Jae-joon of ‘The Glory’ have anger dysregulation?” After hearing the words that ‘Professor Grahl’ added with a meaningful expression, I feel tingling as if I was stabbed in the back of the head (Civilization Express)

Send SNS articles Send article to Facebook Send article to Twitter Send an article to Kakao Story Send articles to KakaoTalk Copy URL Send article to Find another share ‘The Glory’ Jeon Jae-joon (played by Park Sung-hoon) and Professor Park Ji-sun ⓒNetflix/Civilization Express Jeon Jae-joon (Park Seong-hoon) in the drama ‘The Glory’ lives with swearing … Read more

Walking Makes Our Life More Meaningful

By: Ifa Mufida (Malang State University Polyclinic Doctor) FIT-Starting a busy day requires healthy activities. Walking is an option that should be considered. This is because there are many benefits that can be felt. So, it would be a loss if we prefer to sleep in our mornings compared to relaxing our leg muscles by … Read more

Vzw Foxtrot collects through JEZ! money to give young people meaningful daytime activities | YES!

Not all young people are monitored equally well at home. Let alone extra guidance if they have extra needs such as attachment problems, ASD, ADHD or have an institutional history. Access to low-threshold assistance with horses is therefore inaccessible. Through the campaign JEZ! Annelore Lauwereys of the non-profit association FOXtrots in Bavegem wants to collect … Read more

Prince Harry drops a meaningful bombshell on Kate and William’s children

People and royalty In an interview with the TelegraphHarry said he was very worried about George, Charlotte and Louis. The prince Harry removed many passages from his memoirs, fearing that his father Charles III and his brother William would would forgive “never certain embarrassing revelations, he said in an interview with the Telegraph released on … Read more

[방송]Calm man “It’s difficult to maintain marriage” Meaningful (‘Apocalypse’)

A calm man makes a meaningful statement about marriage. In the 8th episode of Discovery Channel’s ‘Apocalypse’, which airs on the 16th, Earth Defense Force members Jang Seong-gyu, Calm Man, Orbit, and Kim Ga-young prepare for the day when they will no longer be able to live on Earth. The task of making the planet … Read more

A poem written by Agnė Jagelavičiūtė is shared: meaningful verses move you to tears | Names

A few years ago, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Agnė Jagelavičiūtė shared her own poem about love on social networks. Even then, the woman received a lot of praise for these sensual and meaningful verses. When asked if it was possible to share, Agnė then answered: “Of course, I am glad that you will … Read more

“Marriage at first sight”: Justyna in love? She showed a meaningful photo – o2

Last weekend Justyna and Przemek as well as Patryk and Marta from the recently completed edition of the wedding show appeared in the studio “Dzień Dobry TVN”. Once again, they told the cameras why their relationship did not survive the TV experiment. Justyna covered up the age difference and other stages in life where she … Read more

“As soon as I broke up with Dunn…” Hyuna and Jay Park’s meaningful recent situation was revealed

Pictures not related to the left Hyuna Oh article Singer Hyuna is promoting an exclusive contract with Jay Park’s agency, Morevision. Hyuna, who had signed an exclusive contract with P Nation, which Psy was the head of until last August, suddenly showed a willingness to start anew by meeting Jay Park. As a result, netizens … Read more

“HUNTER x HUNTER” Yoshihiro Togashi, a meaningful comment in the new book for the first time in 4 years What is the true meaning of “I gave up so I finished production there”? |Real Sound|Real Sound Book

Volume 37, the latest issue of “HUNTER x HUNTER” (Yoshihiro Togashi), which resumed serialization in “Weekly Shonen Jump”, was released on November 4th. It is a compilation of 10 episodes published in 2018 issues 43 to 52, which was published before the series was suspended. There were many fans. Togashi’s comment written on the sleeve … Read more

Song Joong-ki, a meaningful photo posted by Song Hye-kyo on dating rumors with Kim Tae-ri after 3 years of divorce

online community Actor Eyewitness accounts of Song Joong-ki and Kim Tae-ri spending time together in FranceAs this spread, rumors of a dating relationship between the two became a hot topic. On October 24, 2022, on a YouTube channel, actor SongJoong-ki and Kim Tae-ri are dating in ParisA video has been uploaded. The video included a … Read more