What is the difference between a mechanical keyboard and a membrane keyboard? Know which one suits you

Although it is true, a gaming computer It has a series of peripherals that are of vital importance to perform sufficiently, when running next-generation video games, without a doubt, the keyboard also takes a leading role since with it you can execute specific commands in each of the games. Although in the current market there … Read more

This mechanical keyboard has a 12-inch touch screen.

Image: Ficihp As happened with the keyboards butterfly and with the chargers that used to come included with iPhones, the Touch Bar of the MacBook seems to be doomed to disappear. Not that it was a feature completely useless, but his diminutive size prevented him from reaching his true potential. If you are going to … Read more

Necrorobotics turns spider corpses into mechanical pincers | Companies

Who could imagine that spider carcasses could be used as biodegradable robotics components? The team of Daniel Preston and Faye Yap, scientists at Rice University in Houston, Texas, have managed to turn dead arachnids into mechanical tweezers. This finding has opened the door to a new field of science called necrorobotics, that is, the investigation … Read more

HyperX Releases ‘HyperX Alloy Origins 65’ Mechanical Gaming Keyboard [VIDEO] | videogames | HyperX | pc | VIDEO GAME

HyperXthe video game peripheral equipment in HPannounced that the mechanical keyboard for video game ‘HyperX Alloy Origins 65’ is now available in Peru with ‘HyperX Red’ linear switch options. ‘HyperX Alloy Origins 65′ features a compact 65% form factor, incorporates mechanical switches HyperX designed for performance and longevity, with 80 million keystrokes per switch. The … Read more

Major car brands will introduce steering without a mechanical connection next year

Cars with non-mechanical steering, or “steer-by-wire” as it is called in the industry, are currently a rare bird in the car park. That may be about to change. In short, steer-by-wire is a system where the mechanical connection between the suspension and the steering wheel is replaced with an electronic connection. Data from position sensors … Read more

Multi-platform optimization! Kikron K8 PRO low-noise red-axis mechanical keyboard (aluminum, RGB, hot-swap) used: Danawa DPG DPG

Kikron, a manufacturer of multi-platform keyboards that perfectly supports the operating systems used by many people, from Windows to Android as well as Apple products (iOS, Mac OS), has released the K8 PRO, an upgraded version of the existing tenkeyless keyboard, K8. Like the K8, where you can choose between switches (axis), RGB (white LED, … Read more

Corsair’s latest mechanical keyboard is the most customizable yet

The new CORSAIR K70 Pro Mini wireless gaming keyboard has a 60 percent form factor, which means that it does not include extras like the number pad, arrows and navigation keys. The reduced functionality may not be to everyone’s liking, but those with limited desk space or frequent travelers may find it worth it. The … Read more

Logitech MX Mechanical Tactile Graphite (US) productervaring door RALigtvoet

Thanks to Hardware Info, I was given the opportunity to try out the Logitech MX Master 3S mouse and the MX Mechanical Keyboard. I have used these together but I will limit myself in this product experience to the MX Mechanical Keybord. I’ve wanted to try out and buy a low profile mechanical keyboard for … Read more

Logitech MX Mechanical en Master MX 3S Review

MX Mechanical MX Master 3S Summarized Logitech has built a nice low-profile keyboard with Kailh’s low-profile switches that doesn’t have the characteristic high profile of many mechanical keyboards. This makes it comfortable to use even without a wrist rest and the transition from a non-mechanical keyboard is much more accessible. The build quality is decent, … Read more

Godox launched the retro flashing light Lux Junior, single-point trigger, only direct shooting supplemented by a mechanical dial to control the output #Camera(179512)

Among users who are still using interchangeable lens cameras, in addition to their needs for work and image quality, there is also a vote for photographers who like retro-designed models. Godox, a Chinese flash accessory brand, also echoes the preference for retro-style photography. Players have launched a flashlight called Lux ​​Junior, which is not only … Read more