A decisive expertise before the final verdict

A decisive expertise to enlighten the court. Accounting and legal arguments invoked by the parties. A fourth and final round for a dispute that started in 2018. com_redaction-11 Will BCP be definitively reinforced in its securities on the Samir? The stakes are colossal: a mortgage and a pledge of goodwill covering respectively 1.2 billion DH … Read more

The Paris Bourse caught up with health concerns (-1.89%)

The Paris Bourse slipped 1.89% on Friday at mid-session, weighed down by the resurgence of health concerns and their impact on economic activity. At 12:45 p.m. (10:45 a.m. GMT), the CAC 40 index lost 95.5 points to 4,946.85 points. Thursday, it had finished down 0.60% after four sessions of increase. “The uptrend has faded due … Read more

Wall Street without leadership despite declining numbers of new unemployed

Wall Street ended in disarray Thursday, digesting the news of a drop in new weekly claims for unemployment benefits in the United States and regretting the blockage in Congress on a new stimulus package. Its flagship index, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, fell 0.29% to 27,896.72 points. The Nasdaq, with strong technological coloring, took 0.27% … Read more

International donors at the bedside of battered Lebanon

From the United States to France via China, Russia and Egypt, international donors are meeting Sunday for a videoconference in support of Lebanon, ravaged by a gigantic explosion and the economic crisis. The online conference, organized at the initiative of France and the UN, begins Sunday at 2 p.m. (12 p.m. GMT). It should mark … Read more

Two American astronauts on their way to Earth aboard the SpaceX capsule

The first astronauts to have reached the International Space Station (ISS) aboard an American device in almost 10 years left on Saturday, in the SpaceX capsule, to return to Earth, despite the risk of a hurricane in Florida. “And here they are!”, Tweeted Nasa announcing that Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley had left the ISS, … Read more

plunge of the world economy, ‘decades’ before emerging from the health crisis

Virus: plunge in the world economy, “decades” before emerging from the health crisis The world economy is recording a historic plunge, with a sharp fall in the GDP of the euro zone and the United States in recession, due to the coronavirus “whose effects will be felt for decades”, according to the chief executive of … Read more

Record loss of 7.3 billion euros for Renault, weighed down by Nissan and the pandemic

Record loss of 7.3 billion euros for Renault, weighed down by Nissan and the pandemic French carmaker Renault suffered the heaviest net loss in its history in the first half of the year, at 7.3 billion euros, weighed down by its Japanese partner Nissan and the health crisis, he said in a statement on Thursday. … Read more

7.3% growth in net profit in Q2

The South Korean group Samsung Electronics, world leader in cell phones and memory cards, announced Thursday a 7.3% increase in net profit in the second quarter. Thanks to strong demand in the chip business that offset the negative impact of the coronavirus outbreak on cellphone sales, net profit stood at $ 4.66 billion from April … Read more

For Washington, consuming rum and Cuban cigars finances the ‘dictatorship

The United States this week warned against the consumption of rum and Cuban cigars, two emblematic products of the island which they say help finance the communist “dictatorship”. “The Castro economy depends on the theft of private property and the repression of the people. The rum and cigars produced by the regime are luxuries that … Read more

The American consulate in Chengdu, an attraction for Chinese onlookers

Selfies, Chinese flags and security on the lookout: the residents of Chengdu, in southwest China, took advantage of their Sunday to immortalize the American consulate before it closed, ordered by Beijing in retaliation for an identical measure by the United States. Tensions in Sino-American relations, already fueled in particular by the trade war and mutual … Read more