Medicine interns demand to be vaccinated and return to hospitals

Toluca, Mex.— “Vaccines and safe return!” the SARS-CoV-2 vaccination program and return to their professional practices. Half a hundred medical interns from various universities in the State of Mexico and states such as Hidalgo, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas, asked to return to hospitals to carry out all their professional practices. On January 4, the medical … Read more

The Prime Minister of Japan called the start date for vaccination against COVID-19 :: Society :: RBC

Kim: Kim Kyung Hoon / Reuters Japan plans to start vaccination against coronavirus in the middle of next week. About it reported Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga during a meeting of the ruling party, the video of which was published by the local TV channel NHK. “We will need the cooperation of the local government, doctors … Read more

The story of how frontline nurses in Mexico fight with their bosses and get the vaccine

Rebeca Díaz arrived on time for the appointment. The puncture was not given to him at Military Camp No.1 in Mexico City as when they vaccinated the first group of doctors, but at the National Perinatology Institute (Inper), weeks after he denounced that the front-line personnel had not been immunized, but the vaccines had been … Read more

Health: We will provide 100 million doses of the Corona vaccine, which can bear a fraction of the price

Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, confirmed that the ministry’s cold chain has the capacity to store 140 million doses of the Corona vaccine, adding that Egypt will provide 100 million doses of vaccinations for different sects of the people. The Minister of Health and Population said during the press conference held now to … Read more

La Jornada – In less than 24 hours three doctors die from Covid-19 in Guanajuato

Leon, Gto. In less than 24 hours in Guanajuato another death was registered of a doctor who failed to win the fight against the coronavirus. The internist doctor, David Cepeda Vargas, who worked in the T-21 clinic of the Mexican Institute of Social Security, died this Sunday after being hospitalized for several days in the … Read more

Medical personnel of the General Hospital of Mexico arrive to be vaccinated against Covid

Medical staff attached to the General Hospital of Mexico, which since last March has been treating patients with Covid-19, prepares for the first round of vaccination against this disease. From before 7:00 a.m., the doctors and nurses that make up the Hospital began to queue to be vaccinated. The application of the vaccine is coordinated … Read more

Mexican nurses exploited in Germany

Having spent hours on public transportation to get to the Mexico City al Mexico state earning 8 thousand pesos a month, you are nurses They found a life in Germany without fear of assault, but face grueling days and constant stress. This report is part of the installment called Nurses for sale (Nurses for sale), … Read more

Medical personnel caring for patients with Covid-19 suffer threats and attacks: IMSS

The medical Y nurses who work in the care of the population with Covid-19 They have suffered threats and physical attacks, it is an outrageous situation, the Mexican Institute of Social Security and the Ministry of Health rated. During the daily press conference to publicize the progress of the coronavirus epidemic, Victor Hugo Borja Aburto, … Read more