EMBank innovation for small and medium-sized businesses

EMBank board member and sales manager Justinas Dedela. In order to help small and medium-sized businesses in Lithuania manage their finances during the period of uncertainty, the digital bank European Merchant Bank (EMBank) will provide some services to businesses free of charge, and for those who want to use their unused money, they will offer … Read more

Scientists discover that trilobites also had medium-sized eyes on their foreheads

Researchers from the Universities of Cologne and Edinburgh have detected previously overlooked eyes in trilobites whose shape and function could help improve the evolutionary classification of archaic arthropods. Trilobites, prehistoric sea creatures, had so-called median eyes, unique eyes on their foreheads, in addition to their compound eyes, research led by Dr. Brigitte Schoenemann of the … Read more

66% of large and medium-sized companies in the country use cloud computing services, according to a study

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of companies and many of them began to look for new services to optimize their processes and keep their data safe. Thus, the cloud service or “cloud computing” became increasingly requested. The cloud is quite popular in Peru: 66% of large and medium-sized companies in the country use … Read more

MULTICHOICE AFRICA: for the prosperity of African small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

In recognition of the critical role played by SMEs, MultiChoice launched the MultiChoice Africa Accelerator program which trained 29 businesses in 9 African countries in critical entrepreneurial skills. For the second stage of the program, a panel of experts selected 11 of the most promising small businesses and invited them to pitch to potential international … Read more

Small and medium-sized stocks should hit these 3 stocks and become the new favorite of “Bunt”- Business Times

Figure / photo of this newspaper Taiwan’s high-end stocks fluctuate, small and medium-sized stocks are rushing Taiwan stocks did not dance with the U.S. stocks on the 24th. They opened high and went low. factors, pushing up the popularity of small and medium-sized stocks in recent days,VIA, Siweihang, Hongbao and other popular stocks have become … Read more

There may be 3 models of domestic medium-sized RVs left! Ford Focus four-door Taiwan delisting probability is high

It used to be the most important domestically-made medium-sized RV in Taiwan with the highest proportion of sales. The rise of SUVs and the launch of cross-border SUVs have caused the market for domestic medium-sized RVs to decline. The Ford Focus facelift is expected to be the first Its four-door model may be abdicated in … Read more

Merkle’s commitment to diversity and well-being, SFS Award for the best Medium-Sized Company – ORH

As occurs in the vast majority of newly created technology companies, youth is one of the greatest incentives when it comes to betting on health, flexibility or sustainability. And thanks to its dynamic, relocated, healthy and inclusive environment, Merkle has been awarded the SFS Award in the Medium Business category. In the jury’s opinion, the … Read more

Research: only 37% of Latvian small and medium-sized companies regularly analyze data :: Dienas Bizness

During the last year, a total of 9,215 new companies were registered in Latvia from October of last year to October of this year, while 10,407 companies were closed, which means that the number of companies registered in Latvia decreased by 1,192 during the year, according to the information gathered by the open data platform … Read more

How to apply? BancoEstado will deliver up to 6 million to micro, small and medium-sized companies

The 18th version of BancoEstado Entrepreneur Award seeks to recognize, highlight and promote the talent of the micro, small and medium enterprisesawarding prizes ranging from 1 million up to 6 million pesos. What is the Entrepreneur Award? The initiative aims to highlight entrepreneurs for their creativity, effort, innovation and resilience, especially those people who have … Read more

Elevator Association, ‘Elevator Model Certification Technical Document Consulting’… Support for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs)

Implemented from November… Reduced cost and shortened period ‘one seat, two sets’ Elevator Association, Acquired ‘voluntary certification’ from Elevator Safety Corporation ‘Elevator technical document review EL mark’ provided free of charge to small and medium-sized companies [국토일보 하종숙 기자] The Korea Elevator Association (Chairman Hee-in Ryu) will start ‘Elevator Model Certification Technical Document Consulting’ for … Read more