Reveal details about Harry’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth after “Megxit”

Other times: when Prince Harry was still strictly under the orbit of the British crown, commanded by Elizabeth II (Rex Features) The breaking off of the prince harry with the British crown – which the British media named Megxit– Aroused all kinds of rumors of estrangement between the Duke of Sussex and some of his … Read more

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, winners and losers of a year of ‘Megxit’ | People

There is an English expression to define the art of the impossible that some lucky ones manage to master: to have the cake and eat it (keep the cake and eat it). Equivalents in Spanish can be “chocolate and have a snack” or “swim and keep clothes”, although the closest thing would be simply the … Read more

Elizabeth II, the record monarch: at 94, she overcame confinement, weathered Brexit and Megxit, and is the most popular of British royalty

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom speaks with staff during a visit to the Defense Science and Technology Laboratory at Porton Science Park, near Salisbury, United Kingdom. October 15, 2020. Ben Stansall / Pool via REUTERS The Queen isabel II ended 2020 stronger than ever. On the throne for 68 years, the 94-year-old monarch, … Read more

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2020 was a turbulent year for the world and also for the British royal family. The most famous monarchy in the world changed its traditions amid a pandemic that still continues. At 94 years old, Queen Elizabeth knew what teleworking was, which she had to implement to continue her work as the guide of “the … Read more

Prince Harry Is Chosen As “World’s Sexiest Royal Member” Despite Megxit

Despite having been relieved of his royal duties in March, the prince harry He is still considered the “world’s sexiest royal.” SEE ALSO – DO NOT MISS IT – Michael B. Jordan is the sexiest man alive in People 2020 (+ PHOTO) Harry beat his older brother, the Prince William, to become the world’s sexiest … Read more

Megxit, one of the most popular words of 2020 | People | Entertainment

The Collins English Dictionary determined that the word Megxit has been one of the most popular of the year. This term was used for the first time in 2019, when the Anglo-Saxon media used it to refer to staff leaving the duchess’s house Meghan MarkleBut it gained momentum after January 8 of the present, when … Read more

The Collins dictionary includes ‘Megxit’ among the words of the year 2020

The Collins Dictionary’s annual word of the year reveal is Christmas Day for a lexicographer; whether you hate new words and seek to protect the language or love an evolving, fresh language with new terms that reflect broader events. This year’s list, certainly representative of the latter, is just that. A widely used term that … Read more

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When Prince Harry publicly announced the Duke of Sussex’s decision to leave his royal duties and move to the United States, Prince William reacted without understanding, writes Omid Scoby, author of Finding Freedom and an expert on the British royal family. The 38 – year – old Duke of Cambridge has always believed that the … Read more

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan – “Gave up life for that family”

For the past seven months, it has not exactly been quiet around Prince Harry (35) and Duchess Meghan (38). Ever since they dropped the bomb to put their royal duties on the shelf, they have apparently made more headlines than ever. And this weekend they are doing it again. Admittedly, it is not the duke … Read more

Prince Harry’s companion in the army: “Id ** ts. I’m glad he left the country” – Free time – – Woman

The 44-year-old former sergeant Trevor Kohl, who won the highest military award in 2005 for the shooting of three terrorist suicides in Iraq, stressed: “Although Harry had promised the rest of his life to fight and help the war veterans, the prince had turned his back on all of them at the first difficulty.” Harry, … Read more