Purchases of luxury goods: Morocco first in the MENA region

Morocco has risen to the top of the podium in terms of expenditure in the acquisition of luxury goods, according to the report published by The Mastercard Economics Institute. Indeed, the Kingdom recorded the highest number of points among the countries of the Middle East and Africa with 71% of the market between 2019 and … Read more

MENA region. Forbes: a Moroccan startup in the Top 50 most funded

The US magazine specializing in rankings reveals the 50 most funded startups in the MENA region having raised a total of $3.2 billion in 2022. Despite the global economic crisis, startups in the MENA region managed to raise considerable funds in 2022, with a total of $3.2 billion raised by the 50 most funded startups, … Read more

“MENA” joins venture with “Tawandang Logistics” to set up a joint company “TDM Logistics (TDM)” Expected to start the service in Q1/23

MENA Transport Public Company Limited (MENA) joins Tawandang Logistics (TWD) to set up a joint company “TDM Logistics (TDM)” to open a route for transportation and distribution of consumer products. for CJ Express, Cheap Dee Mee Standard Shop and Carabao Group (CBG) preparing to expand the service throughout the country. Emphasizes being a leader in … Read more

Morocco ranks 4th in the MENA region

According to the Ernst & Younger (EY) report on mergers and acquisitions in the MENA region, 524 deals were recorded in the first nine months of 2022, equivalent to a total value of 55.2 billion of dollars. According to this same report, Morocco is ranked in 4th rank in the Middle East and North Africa … Read more

A “legal expert” reveals a shocking punishment awaiting the artist, “Mena Shalaby”, in the event that her involvement in drug smuggling is proven.

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian legal expert Ashraf Farahat revealed the expected punishment against the artist, Menna Shalaby, if the report of the chemical laboratory proves that the seizures that were seized in her possession at Cairo Airport are drugs. He said that the prosecution released the artist on bail of 50 thousand pounds, and therefore she … Read more

Maria Mena and Morten Kleppa:

Autumn’s big musical comedy made the celebrities flock to Oslo’s grand hall Chateau Neuf. “Sister Act” is based on the film success with Whoopi Goldberg from 1992, and has been successful on both Broadway and the West End. With fierce disco rhythms and magnificent ballads, the stage was set for a real joy-spreader of a … Read more

MENA consumers are now embracing digital payments

Adoption of a wider range of digital payment methods is accelerating in the MENA region, and the technology powering the future of payments is already here, according to Mastercard’s New Payments Index 2022. In addition to being aware of solutions like digital cards, biometric payments, BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) and open banking, consumers in … Read more

The drama of Mena Suvari, the American Beauty actress who managed to escape the dangerous fate imposed on her

Mena Suvari Mena Suvari She is one of the actresses who began her artistic career at a very young age. She was lucky – a circumstance that over time became unfortunate – to know of her success almost immediately. Before the age of 20, she was already a world-renowned figure and one of the brightest … Read more

“Sahran Lil” distributed by Universal Music MENA, a sign of recognition for the Asif group

By Ghana Djebbar on 07/18/2022 at 11:16 am With “Sahran Lil”, produced and distributed by Universal Music MENA, the Asif group is forging its way to international success. The members of this recently created formation talk about it in an interview with Le360. aA “Sahran Lil” is in stores. This single, produced and distributed by … Read more

Morocco ranked second in MENA region by 2030

The Kingdom wishes to continue its avant-garde development in the field of renewable energies. This is what a recent note published by Global Energy Monitor suggests, which claimed this week that Morocco ranks second in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region in terms of energy production. renewable energy by 2030. “Oman, Morocco and … Read more