Flamengo: Jorge Jesus and all the details of his millionaire contract with ‘Mengao’ that led him to win the Copa Libertadores and the Brasileirao

Updated 04/04/2020 at 21:10 The price of happiness. The Portuguese coach, Jorge Jesus, was the intellectual architect of the enormous campaign that developed Flamengo in 2019. As reported by ESPN Brazil, the ‘Mengao’ would pay an ostentatious salary to the Portuguese, in addition to prizes and extras that we will detail below. The former Benfica … Read more

Copa Libertadores 2019 | River Plate vs Flamengo: Fans of the ‘mengao’ denounced lack of water in the bathrooms of the Monumental stadium | VIDEO | ATMP

Before the start of the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 between River Plate vs Flamengo, a group of ‘mengao’ fans showed their dissatisfaction with the hygienic services of the Monumental Stadium, venue that houses this sporting event. The brazilian fans They recorded a video in which they complain about the state of the bathrooms, … Read more

Brazil: Flamengo: the 20 most expensive signings of ‘Mengao’ with the arrival of Hen

Updated 02/01/2018 at 3:40 PM This Thursday, Flamengo announced the hiring of a forward who promises. Through his social networks, the Peruvian striker table Paolo Guerrero reported that he reached an agreement for the attacker Henry Gold, who signed from Fluminense. His pass closed at approximately 7.3 million euros, according to the Brazilian press. With … Read more

Infographics: El Mengão, Flamengo | Metro Dominican Republic

Flamengo and a date with history. Brazil’s most popular team is one of the world’s largest fans and is returning to a Copa Libertadores final after 38 years. In 1981, the Rio de Janeiro team won the title by defeating Cobreloa from Chile, led by Zico. That year he also won the world title, beating … Read more

Flamengo vs River Plate final of the Copa Libertadores | Mengao fans encourage the Sports University with chants | Video

The end of the Liberators cup unleashes a true sports festival in South America, and this 2019 is set in the Peruvian capital, which welcomed Argentine and Brazilian fans with open arms. The bond between Peruvians and Argentine and Brazilian fans is evident in the surroundings of Lima, and although there is no national team … Read more

YouTube | River vs. Flamengo: Fans of the ‘mengao’ bought dozens of beers for the final of the Copa Libertadores 2019 | Video | YT

Flamengo was proclaimed champion of the Copa Libertadores for the second time by winning 2-1 at River Plate this Saturday at the Monumental Stadium in Lima, in the first single match final in the 60 years of the competition. With doublet of Gabriel Barbosa, the ‘mengao’ traced the match to the team of Marcelo gallardo … Read more

Brazil: Flamengo, coronavirus: the ‘Mengao’ has 16 players infected by C

The current champion of the Copa Libertadores lives a true drama, a product of improvisation and the rush to not be left out of the tournaments he disputes. But the consequences are serious and are already being noticed. If for the previous duel between Flamengo and Barcelona SC for the Copa Libertadores, the Brazilian team … Read more

Copa Libertadores Result | Flamengo vs River | Gabigol: Mengao striker touched the cup, but he was still champion | Photos | Video

When Flamengo and River went out to the Monumental field to start the long-awaited end of the Copa Libertadores 2019, something happened that cast doubt on the most superstitious Brazilian fans: Gabriel Barbosa, known as Gabigol, I touch the trophy of the tournament. The action was immortalized by a photographer for what it meant: the … Read more

River vs Flamengo LIVE: ‘Mengao’ fans had an incident with the Police for a banner | Youtube | Libertadores Cup

River vs Flamengo | Every time there is less to start the end of the Liberators cup and both ‘millionaires’ and ‘rubonegros’ fans have begun to arrive early to Monumental Stadium to avoid problems with access as there will be several streets and avenues closed. River vs Flamengo LIVE: Fans of ‘Mengao’ faced the Police … Read more

Copa Libertadores: River Plate vs. Flamengo: this was the banner of ‘Mengao’ in Barranc

A couple of days ago the party of what will be the only final of the Liberators cup of America 2019 between Flamengo Y River Plate, whose fans have taken over the Peruvian capital and made themselves felt with songs and walks in different parts of the city. But, less than 24 hours before the … Read more