Mercedes-Benz EQS: ‘Spaceship’ from Stuttgart opens a new era – News – Auto

Stuttgart has finally unveiled its electric flagship. It really doesn’t have much in common with other Mercedes. It acts as a revelation from space. It is supposed to cover 770 km on a single charge! He’s Tesla’s “killer.” The front blind mask can have a 3D star motif inspired by the logo of the original … Read more

Mercedes-Benz EQS World Premiere | Lead

At the time, Mercedes was ringing its new electric flagship with the world’s largest digital dashboard, and the gigantic display is truly impressive, but the EQS raises the bar in all other respects in such a car that a 141-centimeter-wide, three separate, but a Hyperscreen that includes a coordinated display. A book on EQS capabilities … Read more

The electric Mercedes EQS reveals technology. With these parameters he heads to the extra league

Even before the official world premiere, Mercedes’ electric flagship is shown in a series of masked images. And to make matters worse, the silver arrows also bid on some technical information. Mercedes will present its flagship electric car on April 15, and we should meet the first pieces on the roads during August. The carmaker … Read more

770 km will also go on a charge of the new top-Mercedes

It’s only a matter of days before the new Mercedes-Benz EQS is introduced, and over time, more and more of the Stuttgart’s future flagship, the electric sedans, will become apparent. So far, we have only been able to get to know the car in its outlines and its interior, including the gigantic, curved display. A … Read more

The Mercedes EQS reveals its futuristic interior, including the basic version

The flagship among electric Mercedes has finally revealed the complete interior. The crew can look forward to an experience for all the senses. As we have known for a long time, the main feature of the flagship electric Mercedes EQS will be its completely new MBUX Hyperscreen instrument panel, in which the carmaker has hidden … Read more