IAA: Mercedes-Benz is gearing up for electrification

From 7 to 12 September, the international car show IAA MOBILITY 2021 will be held in Munich. There, Mercedes-Benz will showcase the breadth of both the current and the upcoming portfolio of electric models. Based on “Lead in Electric”, Mercedes-Benz, Mercedes-EQ, Mercedes-AMG, Mercedes-Maybach and smart will come to IAA MOBILITY with a total of eight … Read more

The heads of state have a new dream car. This is the untouchable top of Mercedes

At the IAA car show in Munich in September, the German premium carmaker will bring a real gem to all high-ranking people. For years, this manufacturer has offered demanding clients the opportunity to load even a slightly different portfolio of its vehicles with the Guard attribute. No need to guess too much about what these … Read more

The new armored Mercedes S 680 Guard is here. It also has a smaller suitcase to protect the crew

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has also received an armored version of the Guard in the latest generation. Under the hood, as usual, has a twelve-cylinder fork. For years, Mercedes-Benz has also included in its portfolio armored vehicles with the nickname Guard, for a special type of clientele, whose offer it has gradually expanded in recent years. … Read more

Mercedes is preparing the Vision EQXX concept with a range of over 1000 km

After 2025, the new platforms will be for electric cars only. STUTTGART. If today discourages someone from buying an electric car, the problem will be, in addition to the high price, poor range and lack of infrastructure. However, Mercedes is already working on a new generation of electric cars, which should cover more than 1,000 … Read more

The new Mercedes Citan is starting to be unveiled. The more luxurious brother Kangoo will show up in August

Since 2012, Mercedes has been offering a compact Citan van using Renault Kangoo technology. And when Kangoo came in a new generation this year, Citan will also be compensated. Mercedes-Benz is not only active in the field of luxury cars, but also in the field of commercial vehicles. Since 2012, thanks to the cooperation with … Read more

The well-known modifier played with another Mercedes. The S-Class in its version offers up to 940 horses

The well-known German editor Posaidon presents another interesting novelty. This time he took the Mercedes-AMG S63 to the parade. At the same time, the luxury sedan already offers very interesting parameters in series form. Under the hood, a turbocharged eight-cylinder with a volume of 4.0 liters hides with two turbochargers, which provides the highest output … Read more

Mercedes will be ready for pure electromobility within ten years. He will spend a trillion crowns

German premium carmaker Mercedes is intensifying its transition to electricity. In markets that require it, it will be ready for the transition to pure electromobility by the end of this decade. After 2025, it will no longer state a new technical basis other than electric. “Electrical transformation is gaining momentum, and this is especially true … Read more

This Mercedes can sell 150 million more expensive than it cost as new

We usually perceive cars as bottomless money boxes, into which we pour money that we will never see again. But there are, of course, exceptions. History knows a number of interesting collector cars, whose value grew with age. And sometimes very significantly. A beautiful example is the Mercedes-Benz CLK GTR, a car that the Guinness … Read more

Mercedes is preparing 8 premieres for the IAA Munich, a powerful hybrid will also appear

The main topic of the Mercedes-Benz stand will be electrification. After all, five of the eight upcoming premieres will be purely electric cars. Although interest in car shows is declining, a number of interesting news are expected at this year’s first IAA car show in Munich, which for the first time replaces the IAA car … Read more

The new Mercedes-AMG SL reveals its interior. It relies on the unique display of the infotainment

Mercedes is preparing for the arrival of a new generation of the famous SL roadster. It is being developed by AMG, which has undergone many changes. For example, for the first time since 1989, the SL will have a 2 + 2 configuration. In recent months, Mercedes-Benz has mainly expanded its EQ electric range, but … Read more