The used car dealer “Baltijas auto centrs” will be added to “Domenikss” – Car in the world – Auto – TVNET

According to the announcements on the reorganization of “Baltijas auto centrs” and “Domenikss”, on June 15, the sole participant of the company has made a decision to reorganize the company by merging it with the acquiring company – “Domenikss”. As a result of the merger, Domenikss will become the successor of all the property and … Read more

The Mercedes EQXX broke its own record, driving 1,202 km

The unique electric car, built especially for overcoming long distances on a single charge, broke its own record by almost 200 km. The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX concept, which boasted a record 1,008-kilometer drive on a single charge in April, probably doesn’t need to be introduced again. However, it is worth mentioning that after the end … Read more

The first ride with a Mercedes-AMG SL in the Czech Republic: A smile on your face in any weather

The new generation of the SL roadster has arrived in the Czech Republic. Exclusively with AMG badges and a four-liter eight-cylinder under the hood. Brand new Mercedes-AMG SL I was able to meet for the first time under AMG Driving Experience on the polygon of the Brno autodrome (we will get to other activities that … Read more

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has a unique solution for couriers. We tried it on our own skin

The Sprinter is a classic among commercial vehicles. Now, however, it is coming up with an interesting innovation that will come in handy, for example, for drivers of delivery services. What’s up? Current Mercedes-Benz Sprinter is a type of delivery suitable for virtually all those who need a capable commercial vehicle. It can hold four … Read more

The new Mercedes GLC will also arrive in a rounder package. He is going to divide society again

A few days ago, a brand new generation of Mercedes GLC was introduced to the world. The GLC Coupé, a sibling with a sloping stern, will follow. And we already know its probable form. It wasn’t really that hard to get to her. Not only did our colleague and graphic artist Honza Lušovský have spy … Read more

This is the most expensive car in the world, an old Mercedes-Benz for IDR 2 T!

Jakarta – The record for the most expensive car in the world was broken recently. Mercedes Benz became the brand owner of the record after releasing its classic and rare cars with a tag of 135 million euros, which is equivalent to more than IDR 2 trillion! Quoted from CNN, the new Mercedes-Benaz car that … Read more

Mercedes is recalling 1 million cars

Mercedes-Benz is recalling almost one million cars from around the world due to possible problems with the brake booster. In the first place, it is models belonging to the series ML, GL and R-Class that were produced between 2004 and 2015 that are being recalled, the Germans announced on Saturday. “We have found that in … Read more

Americans are unlucky, the Mercedes-AMG One will not be approved for road use

Moving Americans may not be able to run a Mercedes-AMG One on public roads. They may be able to find a loophole in the law, but then they will be limited in the annual raid. After years of waiting and delays, we have seen the final version of the Mercedes-AMG One, a 782 kW (1,063 … Read more

The rare Mercedes 560 SEC Koenig is for sale in the Czech Republic

The German company Koenig Specials is responsible for a number of interesting modifications to sports and luxury cars. Especially from the 80’s. And just at their end, a Mercedes-Benz 560 SEC was produced, which subsequently also passed through the hands of the company’s specialists. Today it is for sale in the Czech Republic. According to … Read more

Mercedes boss on AMG One: We had to be drunk when we approved it

Road hypersport with F1 race car technology? In the Mercedes, they probably didn’t realize at the beginning how big a slice they actually cut. The hypersport Mercedes-AMG One, which the carmaker first presented at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, probably doesn’t need to be introduced for long. However, it is worth recalling that the car … Read more