Merciless Duel, Edwards Defeats Usman at UFC 268

CNN Indonesia Sunday, 19 Mar 2023 13:50 WIB Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Leon Edwards still holds the UFC welterweight championship belt after winning on points over Kamaru Usman in a duel at the O2 Arena, London, Sunday (19/3) morning WIB. RELATED TOPIC Read more

Merciless announcement from the Nyíregyháza: “There are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees” – a complaint is filed

He made an unexpected announcement on the official site az NB II-es Nyíregyháza Spartacuswhich says that there are completely unfounded and completely untrue news about the club’s employees. In the announcement, it is emphasized that these news items violate the personal rights of the club and those involved in an extraordinary way and that their … Read more

Polish romantic comedy hit global Netflix. The reviews are merciless

For the second time this year, the Polish production was ranked first in the list of the most watched Netflix productions in the world. This time this dignified place went to the romantic comedy “Love to the square again”. What made the film so captivating to international audiences? At the beginning of January, the Polish … Read more

Merciless ortel of the expert: Pardubice will not win the title

Journalist Kézr explained the answer regarding the possibility of celebrating the Pardubice title at the end of the season in Příklep. “I said that on purpose. As a native of Hradec Králové, I had to define myself,” he smiled at first. Then, in addition to heart, expertise also came into play. “The final is always … Read more

Pictures of Naglaa Fathi after changing her shape.. Time is merciless

The artist, Naglaa Fathi, celebrated her 71st birthday, and despite the passage of many years since her departure from art and cinema, she still retains her distinctive beauty and is always keen on her elegance, despite the passage of time. The able artist, Naglaa Fathi, is distinguished by her remarkable beauty, in addition to the … Read more

The dominance of AMD and Intel is coming to an end due to outdated processor architectures. There is a new player on the market, strong and merciless

<!– Евгений Черкесов –> 10 November 2022 17:5510 Nov 2022 17:55 | Share Consumers are losing interest in laptops based on Intel and AMD processors. Their CPUs get too hot and drain the battery too quickly. Consumers are gradually switching to ARM laptops, whose global market share has grown 10-fold in just three years. The … Read more

A merciless study: Internet accessibility in Belgium among the worst in Europe

A global study conducted in recent months to classify the quality of the Internet network but also of the services offered by the authorities. And Belgium still has a lot of catching up to do with the best countries, to say the least. To begin with, Belgium ranks 21st in the world (out of 117 … Read more

Matteo Salvini on social media: “Thank you”. The merciless comments: “But thanks to you! You convinced millions of Italians not to vote for you”, “Bella Matte, 0.7 out of 10 Italians love you”

The captain with no more troops, voters and with a few more hucksters. Also Matteo Salvini, and several Northern League deputies, toast on the social networks of the success of the center-right, but commentators compete to remind him of the bitter defeat percentage. After all, Salvini was the first among the political leaders in Italy … Read more