MLB: David Peralta, the Yankees’ luxury defensive option in free agency | baseball 123

Meridian Writing David Peralta is one of the players who is in free agency, after completing his work with the Tampa Bay Raysthe player has been one of the Venezuelans with greater relevance to receive offers, and although no negotiation has been known, it is rumored that the New York Yankees it could be your … Read more

MLB: Will Omar Vizquel be able to go to the Hall of Fame with the vote of the Association of Journalists? | baseball 123

Next Tuesday the 24th it will be known if there is or one, new elected for the Hall of Fame of the Major Leagues; At this point, 171 ballots of the 396 estimated have been published, where for the moment, it is expected that the former sluggers Todd Helton and Scott Rolen will be invested … Read more

Chacha! Kerly Ruiz claims to be single because of toxic: I smell up my clothes (+VIDEO) | Explain

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino Although the relationships that have been known to the Venezuelan cheerleader have been counted, Kerly RuizIt is known that some have a somewhat complicated history, and according to what the Creole confessed, it could be her attitude as a woman. during the program “Sit Who Can” of which Ruiz is a … Read more

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Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino In recent weeks the name of Amanda Dudamel has sounded more than ever and it has all been due to the majestic work he did in the miss Universe that although he did not achieve the crown, he earned the love and admiration of many around the world. Also read: Amanda … Read more

Know the reason why Cindy Carrero was suspended in La Rinconada | Horse riding 123

Cindy Carrero became the first suspended of the 2023 season in The corner place. The young woman will be off the track for a month because of her driving the Rosa Morena mare, who participated in the first valid, a competition in which she emerged as Queen Emmy winner. #ResolutionsINH 📋| Legal provisions issued by … Read more

Norkys Batista opened his heart to talk about his father (+VIDEO) | Showbiz 123

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino Venezuelan actress Norkys Batista confessed to the public during an interview about his relationship with his father Louis Batistawho is not really a biological father, a secret that his mother kept until a neighbor told her in front of her children. Also read: This will be the country that hosts the … Read more

This is how Gerard Piqué arrives at the Kings League (+Video) | Sports Gossip 123

Meridian Writing After the successful and controversial issue of Shakira in her session with BZRPher ex-husband Gerard Piqué He did not hesitate to show up for work driving a Twingo, referring to a part of the Colombian interpreter’s song that mentioned “you changed a Ferrari for a Twingo.” Read Also: Gerard Piqué responds with an … Read more

LVBP: Tigres prevails over Leones at the point of hits (Play by play) | baseball 123

FINAL: ARAGUA 7-1 CARACAS ———————————————————————– 9no inning (Baja) Niko Vasquez strikes out without throwing Harold Castro walks Isaias Tejeda strikes out swinging Jhonny Pereda grounded out to 2B 9no inning (Alta) Jose Martinez hits ground ball out to SS Carlos Rivero flied out to RF Denis Phipps batea elevated de out al RF ——————————————————————————– 8vo … Read more

Amanda Dudamel left a trail of glamor in her gala dress show | Sports Gossip 123

Barbara Chirino / @barbarachirino For all the misses, the parade in gala dress is surely the most important, it is time to look like elegant and glamorous queens, just as you did Amanda Dudamel who wore a costume designed in a certain part by her. Also read: Origin of the cape that Amanda Dudamel used … Read more

LVBP: Freddy Fermín enters the history of Venezuelan baseball | baseball 123

Today January 13, Freddy Fermín was announced today with the Most Valuable Player award of the Venezuelan Professional Baseball League. With this award, the mask passes a unique list in which there are only two players. The catcher a few days ago won the Rookie of the Year award and in the regular season he … Read more